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Roselyn Painting

This is a high resolution version of the painting from Twokinds page 1112. I spent a good few days working on it off and on. I tried my best to mimic a more natural, painterly look, with canvas texture and less distinct edges near the bottom. Zoom in, if you'd like, to see the details!
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The more I learn about Trace's past the more I hate him. But I know he's a better person now. Poor Rose deserved better. Hopefully Trace will do her right in the end. T T

This hits different having seen the last few pages.

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I LOVE the way you painted the fur on her cheeks and snout.


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Uh, woah. That's a lot of detail. So awesome! The signature is a nice touch. Definitely belongs in a museum! ^_^

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Never expected a high def pic of a painting that will be in 1 or 2 "pages" but it is a very well done and welcome surprise.

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I think that Rose’s spirit is bound to the Mansion as a corporeal spirit; in a sense, she IS the mansion now.

As to Maren, I think that she might well be the key to the darkest secret of Legacy Manor: EvilTrace’s attempt to resurrect his dead wife Saria. I think he created a spirit of his dead wife through necromantic means and Maren was/is to be the host body.

Yeah basically how I took it. I didn’t expect rose being as fucked up as she is but I did kinda feel like Maren wasn’t gonna like what comes next.

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That's a lovely painting of Miss Roselyn. ^^

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I don't understand the date on the picture and what happened in the comic.

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The current year in the comic is 482. Rose has been dead for two years. And before you say , "but what if the date is just the time she was seneschal," Rose was nine years old when she met Saria and 480 minus 454 is 26 and her age as listed in her reference sheet is 28. So the date can't be just her term of service.

Personally, I think this is one of the best drawings Tom has done yet.

If I didn't known any better and even then, I can almost mistake for a photograph.

she was 26 when she spoiler : read the web comic book or do a zoom

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I'd still be her boyfriend, still.

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She is so pretty and gorgeous in the whole world
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RIP Rose. Also beautiful work!

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Seneschal of the Legacy Estate.

Good thing I can zoom in on small letters 😁
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so, is rose a ghost?

Probably more like a possessed corpse with a spectral illusion over it

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well if she was a possessed corpse, there would've been flies flying around her, so I'm leaning towards ghost.

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Considering how in the current timeline, she can instantly move anywhere and hear anyone in the Estate, I'd wager the year 480 isn't "technically" the date of her death, but the date where she stopped being Seneschal of the Estate and started being..."part" of the estate, through some possibly (definitely?) unethical magical shenanigans (considering, upon looking at the outside world through the magic portal earlier on, she muses she hasn't been outside for a while). But that's just my theory

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well, the mansion did go berserk the second that the girl, who's name escapes me, placed her hand on that small table.

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