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A winter-y Reindeer, suggested by FenceEqualizer!

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some buck help this little doe out her nose all red from being in cold and need someone to snuggle with

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Well Reindeer males lose their horns in the technically this is correct

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I feel like there's a really easy pun to be made about a certain Princess Renideer

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I have the impression this is the beginning of something

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humm i dont think you need to have an harness like that but you do what you want i gess.... xD

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And Magic Mistletoe is There, huh?…


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Well, hey there hun, want some dinner or do you want m.....

Damn, she left, i knew i should have droped the rifle before showing up.

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Even the snowman is melting...

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Did you TG Rudolf?! Hahha, love it!

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This must be Ruby the twin sister of Rudolph.

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From the description I can tell the suggestion contained some version of "Okay, I know Christmas is already over, but..."

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Wow she's one incredibly cute reindeer, although that mistletoe... the trouble that stuff tends to cause leads me to think she's in for an interesting night

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Hello, Donner!

Joshua37's avatar free sunday?

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Looks like she’s ready to get hitched!

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Hoo-wee, that is one beautiful doe.

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I will kiss the lips

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Santa: I think I've been drinking too much eggnog.

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I think that's the first herbivore keidran I've ever seen.

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if this doesnt get voted in to get colored I'll need to go yell at your patreons, cause, damn! lol

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Missed opportunity for a Raine-deer... I'll see myself out. Door's over there, right?

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