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Rebel Raine
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Published: September 11, 2017
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I had quite a few drawings from back in July and August that I forgot to bring it over here, so now I'm correction that error!

This color piece was sponsored by Aegiswolf over on Patreon! Thanks for the support!
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Is that Keith with his helmet on as an R2 unit?

Also, does this mean that here she's Red Raine?
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SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
Cutest rebel.
KeithStrife's avatar
KeithStrifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not trying to be mean, but why does Raine look more like a guy?
russetwolf13's avatar
russetwolf13Hobbyist Writer
With the proper X-wing and not the crappy redesign.
MelvWolfe's avatar
MelvWolfeHobbyist General Artist
Actually they didn't redesign as much as go with the original X-wing concept art from the original trilogy.
russetwolf13's avatar
russetwolf13Hobbyist Writer
Which they didn't go with, because why put space turbines on there and then cut them in half.
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Exactly. It's heavily base don McQuarrie's original concept art. Look at Rebels (the series), it uses a LOT of MQ's concept art, from R2 and Chewbacca to Jabba and IG-88. Even the Ghost (the ship) is based on an old unused design (albeit not one by MQ). Also, fun fact: in MQ's concept art, lightsabers produced thicker blades than what was eventually used for the rotoscoping in the OT, and Rebels used thinner blades.
But back to the topic of the X-Wings: as a kid I always wanted one of those LEGO X-Wings (I had/have several of the original LEGO SW sets from 1999-2001, but none of the orginal Rebel or Empfire fighters except the very first A-Wing), and as an adult I finally got around to purchase one of the newer X-Wing sets. And then Disney went straight ahead and created the new T-70's (the OT ones are T-65b's) and I was all like DANGIT. I actually like the new X-Wings. They really took the design and made it even sleeker and more aerodynamical. I'm kinda "eh" about Poe's odd orange/black one, but I like the "default" white and blue ones. i never really truly enjoyed the way the red stripes/decals were drawn on the OT X-Wings. I like how the newer ones eliminate the "beak" on the nose and instead of having four barrels for engines, it looks round and smooth, creating the illusion of two engines splitting into four.
MviluUatusun's avatar
I can't imagine Raine in this situation, Natani, yes, but not Raine.
Mercury-Cougar's avatar
Next do her as a Space Wolf! Space wolf Space Wolf! 
MiaFluffyFox's avatar
Oh look, it's Paw2-D2
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UncleScooterProfessional Digital Artist
Rebel scum ;P
Porgarmy's avatar
This looks AWSOME. I now wish there was some Two Kinds/ Star Wars movie, that I’d definitely want to see. BTW what number in Red Squadron would she be?
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Curiously, this is a lot closer to Star Wars canon than most folks realize. The Star Wars wolf race, the Shistavenen, were shown in the first Star Wars film (Eppisode IV: A New Hope) in the Cantina scene. Wolves flying X-Wings are also canon as Rogue Squadron had a Shistavenen pilot after the second Death Star was destroyed over Endor. Wedge was rebuilding the squadron and added a varied crew of hot pilots including a Shistavenen male. (see Michael Stackpole's "X-Wing" books 1-4. An albino female shistavenen also shows up in Stackpole's "I Jedi" as a pirate flying a modified Tie Fighter.

The Shistavenens bear a slight resemblance to Wolf Kierden, they have glowing eyes and the canon pictures I've seen make them look more feral than any Kierden. Still, it is interesting.
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That Astrmech PFFFT
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Darcktan-DamianStudent Traditional Artist
woow a rebel x-wing pilot wolf¡¡¡¡
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You now this could be cool fan fiction. Twokinds star wars. The empire can be the Templars and the A and B teams could be the rebals. Anyone think this is a cool idea?
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The astromech has ears!Love 
Dylgo's avatar
in the words of my Girlfriend, "Red Two(Kinds)" lol
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Tarmist25Hobbyist Digital Artist
But what if Star Trek is better?
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You sir, have just done something truly beautiful and that is mixing your wonderful story to the Star Wars universe...I could kiss you. xD
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