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Rainforest Flora

The sun finally begins to break through the clouds after a morning rainshower in the forest. Color art sponsored by Azuma on Patreon!
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This is what Trace saw before the other 2 pictures
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She looks like traces old wife I can’t remember anyone’s name
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the red gate reminds me of japan's 1000 red gates WHY?
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Wait... Where... is... this... place...?
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If I had to guess, based on both a Torii gate and rainforest, somewhere either on Okinawa or Kyushu.
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i will never get enough of this
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you really did your best on this one. this drawing is gorgeous.
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I wanna hug her so much!
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I would totally set this as my phone background but I would get more disapproving looks from the people around me lol
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Why care about other people's meaning? Im setting this as mine ASAP!
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download download DOWNLOAD
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*hold* Download image.
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Great work. How's things going?
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where is my frosted flakes!
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I wish this was a hd wallpaper.
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She looks so cute =^_^=
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this tiger gotta hunt for 2
Love your artwork & comic. Would love to see Flora & some of your other characters on a dakimakura one day :)
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My god, You have gotten better!
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man i love the way you color... and those backgrounds, unffff. It looks god man, it looks real good
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She's looking a bit wet there. Hope doesn't get cold and dries that fur off in the sun ^^.
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