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Raine Dances

Raine has some fun, suggested by Pretorian over on the Sketch Blog :)
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She's beautiful ❤️
katboyzane's avatar
she is so hottttt
darthjavaga1's avatar
Raine look bootiful
Shadowkey392's avatar
...Red, you unbelievably lucky bastard....
Dukurow's avatar she secretly an angel?
AngelWolves1's avatar
She's so pretty and pure <3
Raine is so pure <3 
AngelWolves1's avatar
I thought the exact same thing when I saw this.
She's such a sweetbun <3 
AngelWolves1's avatar
Indeed. Her fur color doesn't lie, haha.
JRayG's avatar
I can so picture a short animation of her dancing. Just wow.
KJVW's avatar
excellent Lighting on the dress! 👍
CyanTheWolf1's avatar
Hey Tom! I've been wondering for a while now but...what is the program that you use for your art? I'd love to know!:) (Smile) 
arcadunato's avatar
beautiful artwork as always, brava.
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Ooo... love the lighting on the skirt.
NitroAAW's avatar
Damn...the lighting and colouring is on point
AuRoraNightray's avatar
This is really pretty! 
I love the colour combination ^^
Fallendragonwolf's avatar
Insert Pokemon joke here.
Or for advanced joke, insert Gen 5 weather wars joke.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
"I say we keep her in the recreation room!"
Daggerbeak's avatar
That's a really pretty dress! I like the colour.
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