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Flora's original design, suggested by Orekh!

Before Twokinds, there was a black and white cat named Kaylia. She went through several designs and iterations, until eventually Twokinds began. The name became Flora, but for the first couple pages, she was still just a house cat. However, by coincidence, Halloween happened to fall a few days after the comic began, and I decided to try coloring Flora as a tiger. It was one of the first times she was ever in color, and what started as just a Halloween costume instantly became Flora's actual design. I'd later go back and retroactively change her to a tiger in the first couple pages (which were black and white anyway).

In the comic before Twokinds, the main character was actually Raine! Raine and Kaylia were good friends / rivals in the series, which is funny, because in Twokinds, Raine and Flora have practically zero interaction with each other. Strange how things end up.

Original Concept Art:

Kaylia1 by Twokinds  Kaylia2 by Twokinds 

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OMGEE she's so CUTE!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing your original works; too many artists lock them away out of pride, lol!

Trace: "WTF?!"

Flora: " Ehh....I can explain that...."

How far your art has come

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I love concept art.

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She is super cute! You could always use the old design for a new character. Would be interesting to see Flora interacting with her original design.


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OMG early concept she still so cute
shinji-ikari-aono's avatar

Omg a spin of focusing on the original series would be awesome xD

That's a rocking tramp stamp in the original concept art.

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When I saw the thumbnail in my notifications, I saw a tiger face with Trace's spikey bangs and went "...Trace and Flora's daughter??"

shinji-ikari-aono's avatar

Yeah it could be a good design tho

She's so cute I'm gonna die!

Ah, that explains a lot! Both Flora and Faun ... er, Raine has their hangups, so I could see it go either way.

However now, as they say, 'tigers don't change their stripes.'

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Strange indeed.

I gotta say, I love looking at your old works from 2003-ish for inspiration and motivation when I'm feeling down.

Rereading TwoKinds with your old art style is so inspiring for me, for, whatever reason... And I love every extra bit of 'ancient' details I find about old concepts, because it fills me with the confidence I need in coming up with stuff for my own story.

Your old style just evokes something really unique, special, inspirational, and it always makes me feel more confident to just draw for the heck of it.

Love your stuff, love your comic, keep making great things man.


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I'd also like to say I was really sleepy as I wrote this, and still am, (going to sleep after this post) so I apologize in advance for any awkward sentences or run-ons, or if it literally reads like a tangent.

I just really appreciate your work Tom, even the 'ancient' stuff lol.

You and your bro are two of my favorite people and that's awesome.

I can't think of a good way to end this, so here's a double thumbs up because I'm sleepy. 👍👍

You dudes are epic.

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I was insanely tired writing these. lol.

It's now 2 pm and I'm wide awake.

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Well isn't she a cutie

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Old model in new art looks neat. Could make for an amusing Halloween costume twist.

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she's so adorable

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You've come a long way, Tom. :nod:

Are there any old panels you'd like to go back and touch up?

Not to update them, but for the fans I mean. Any in particular that stand out and define what TwoKinds means to you?

Still attractive nonetheless

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Oh wow, I like her design. Really pretty.

Mhhh who knows, maybe you find a way to use that version of Flora in future projects. ^^

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