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Prehistoric Sabertooth Flora

Hunter-gatherer Trace has an unusual encounter with a strangely friendly Sabertooth, suggested by Akadu! She doesn't seem to want to eat him, so what else could she want?
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Trace: -thinking- "Oh shoot, it's not deer season....but mating season......"

Flora: "Hi there, strong smelling and good looking male."

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Flora Sabertooth is hungry, but not of meal!

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seems like prehistoric flora has got bigger boobs! why does she always want bigger boobs? they're fine the way they where.

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She's either eating him whole or... You know "eating him" out

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Next, in Animal Planet, how a hunter, got hunted by a sabertooth tigress.

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Flora looks hotter. 8o

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Snu snu with a wild saber tooth tigress? Welp I am fine with that, hell of a way to go though unless she keeps me.

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It is s mystery~

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Smilodon Flora: "Hello, you are now my mate, mmmmkay?"

Caveman Trace: "Yeah, that sounds very fine."

Smilodon Flora: "Very good, now lose those clothes."

Remember me of an old animation film "The Missing Link" from 1980. A real classic. 😊

There’s a Futurama quote here somewhere

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I say she's still wanting eat him if you know what I mean. 😏😏😏

Death by Mew Mew.

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Today on the Wonderful Word of Mekkan, we will explore the mating cycle of the prehistoric Sabertoothed Tiger Keidran. This particular species most aggressive when seeking a mate and will bond with the first suitor that it finds an interest in. AH! Here we have an unlikely pair ready to consummate their first meeting. If we are lucky the female will take a liking to her new mate and we will see the full mating ritual of the Sabertoothed Tiger Keidran, which is said to last for several days and even up to a week. Shh, lets be quiet and see what the future holds for the happy couple.

The moment you realize: You're doomed!

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Yep, this one's getting colored for sure

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To be honest: It's already colorful.

It was even colorful even before it was posted here.

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Proto-Trace: I can certainly think of worse ways to go than pinned under an attractive tigress...

- G-good kitty! A-are you going to eat me?!!! :cries:

- Hmmm... Maybe...:devilish:

A historical "meat" indeed - even Flora's boobs are historically large.

I like this version too!

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Uh, oh, Cave-Trace. Guess the tuna fish sandwich approach didn't work.

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