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Flora is a strict enforcer of said policy. Art originally suggested by TheStooge, brought to full color via a Nora Card thanks to Azuma! It's great to be able to bring past sketches to life on Patreon.
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bobboben's avatar

That color looks good on her! Nice butt too

DuoTheas's avatar

~slaps the butt gently~

DatTemplar's avatar
GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE ARE MI- SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GoatBoyBastian's avatar
I didn't realize your sister was a boy
DatTemplar's avatar
HEUGH- Pls give them back!!!
KoKoaLover1's avatar
CoolSuperBlitz's avatar
Isn't that from a scene in Aladdin, where this gigantic tiger ripped off the pants of some irate guy?
TheBulletBot's avatar
Dat Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon)  Tho. Trace is lucky. 
TheBulletBot's avatar
Wait, I didn't write that. 

WHO THE FUCK WROTE THIS!! I AM A KILLER GOD-BOT, NOT A DISCOUNT ERIC PERV DAMMIT. IF YOU TRY TO GET INTO MY ACCOUNT AND IMPERSONATE ME, AT LEAST BE CONVINCING. though I really like that emote. If my databases are correct, thta is foxy doing medic's conga

also, flora really has a tendency to steal clothing.
ItsallaboutM3's avatar
LOL & OMGoodness XD
EvanWolfHusky's avatar
I absolutely love how she has no trouble at all whatsoever walking on all 4s.
She is cat after all! I’d like to see her get stuck walking on all fours for a day without pants like that and see her either freak out or just act more like a cat lol
jonenat's avatar
Confound it, Flora! So THIS is why Prince Achmed stormed out!
Raboka's avatar
Methinks it's the heat
AesirChronicler's avatar
My boxers! keep'em! xD La la la la 
Wolfsketch101's avatar
Behold the majestic tigress, see her running free.
AnchoredTether's avatar
Such a wild animal at heart lol
Krahazik's avatar
I love Flora, she is just such a cute kittie.
SoulCharizard's avatar
.... Is that Keith's or Trace's?
Keyotea's avatar
I wonder how often that is enforced.
AlkemyFreak's avatar
TheBulletBot's avatar
Because som random guy somewhere in... america I guess, is great at making and drawing characters that seem so realistic you start to doubt if said guy actually came up with this.
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