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Painted Tiger


Flora with her original design, painting on her stripes, suggested by Jeebuus!

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That's some durable paint there Flora. What's the secret?

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And so the truth about Flora finally comes out... ;)

Sanluris's avatar

Well, it’s a lot better than what happened in the old Chinese story about the husband who walked in on his wife painting a suit of human skin she used as her human disguise. This is way more adorable and just a little less weird.

Menkure's avatar

It still doesn't answer the question... how was she able to paint them on her back? She HAD to have had some help with that! (and her butt, but still!!!)

Breakin07's avatar

Magic paint. Wizards and their unknowable solutions.

El-Jorro's avatar

The truth is revealed!

Xaniell's avatar

Still not busted, tho'...

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That's gotta be a lot of work for her, trying to pretty much not only reverse the colors of her coat pattern, but paint on stripes too. XD

InTheLionsDen's avatar

White fur paint, another popular product from the Basitin islands. One more reason he had a good buzz going before the hairball incident.

And... Is that a wig? And how does she do the tail?

On the other hand, who else is pulling for making Kaylia a semi-permanent part of the bonus sketch sub-canon? Maybe Flora's cousin?

GRMPhoenix's avatar

she is the impostor

alemendoza94's avatar

You’ve deceived me!

SiliconFerret's avatar

"I found you, faker!"

goldenzeal's avatar

*Gets Sonic Adventure 2 PTSD flashbacks*

randomman28's avatar

Wrong game, haven't played it but know you mean Sonic 06.

OK Tom, you've crossed the line with this one.

Crouching Flora, Hidden Nora - Trace has an interesting life!

MarcinMurach's avatar

Even girls whit furr do makeup XD

Null42x86's avatar

Flora is lovely too

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