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Nora's Many Forms

By Twokinds
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Sketch: Nora's Many Forms by Twokinds
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Burrow in human form? .... isn't this a spoiler?
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me a bard in a D&D campaign: i seduce the dragon *rolls a 1*

DM: *rolls a nat 20* when you attempt to seduce her the dragon seduces you instead roll an integrity check

me: *rolls a 3*

DM: you're in for a long night

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I feel that she can be indecisive

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Great work. How's things going?

The-E-In-Femily's avatar

Seriously, right after I fav the sketch? -_-

HonoredNightHowler's avatar

The variety! I can see her pulling off so many pranks with this power lol. Nora's one of my favorite dragons!

pheonixghost's avatar

heh, everyone's favorite shapeshifting troublemaker.

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...this is a little too much Nora for me. *backs out of room*

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Didn't know she had a half human form. Looks cool!:D

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Nora's so cute... in every form! :love:

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Bonus mini dragon Nora!

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Nora is such a tease

Beasttusk's avatar

O///O damn wish i could draw like that

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Still gotta love the pocket dragon!

Travel form, for Trace's convenience.

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Trace won't be able to resist her for long...

angrylumberboi's avatar

I know my single ass couldn’t

Remnant-of-The-Past's avatar

Will we ever get a basitin Nora?

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She is a perfect pet!

Wrestleswithwolves's avatar

love her kiedran form

BeastRaven's avatar

Silly Nora, you forgot your whiskers on both of your cat forms!

TorbjornLarsson's avatar

That's so she can lick us better!

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Love the addition of small dragon Nora!

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