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Nine-Tails Laura

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Laura is reborn, suggested by Archataerra, now in color!

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SCP foundation things
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Nine tail fox squadron
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Naruto has this chick inside him!!! Damn
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I now realize how wrong that sounds
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will be turning this into a animated wallpaper engine wallpaper :)
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ARKANIUMGamezHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's one sexy vixen!
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Drake9510Professional Artist
Amazing. I always loved kitsunes. o.o
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Floofy floof tails
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MatthiosHobbyist Digital Artist
Who evolved my Vulpix with the sexystone?
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KeithStrifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
can you bring her back in the webcomic somehow? she died too quickly
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I "knew" (met) TwoKinds yesterday thanks to Laura. I haven't begun reading the comic yet, but I was fascinated by this foxy :). She is so cute (and at the same time sexy), polite, shy and she doesn't want to harm nobody. I think she was Perfect, she "was" because reading her history i found that she has dead and in a tragic way. I can't understand why she should die, i mean there could be another way!
Now this is one of the first and few images i searched in deviantart and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for this :3
I wish this feeling of heavy and soffocating sadness could gone away with a conversation with her or a hug, or everything that could bring her back, but... i don't know if it is "possible"...

Sorry for this long comment (maybe you didn't care of it) and for my bad english. I thank you again for this picture <3 :') :3

Everybody of you who shares part of my opinion (or similar) Please comment below. I want to know if somebody else has been taken by a similar soffocating sadness and how you "passed" it.
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I think definitely you have right! I love her body pattern and I think she looks even better in this image. Laura's Pet by Twokinds
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BolynnHobbyist General Artist
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Keith consumed by tails.
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She's cute and sexy ^^

How old is she?
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AgentCrazy2Hobbyist General Artist
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KarouWSHobbyist Writer
gotta love the tails.  ^_^
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SoulCharizardHobbyist General Artist
Plot Twist (and spoilers who haven't fully gone into the series)- Laura is actually a nine tails in the stories thus why Natani's illlusion felt so real.
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hello i really love this my i animat it plz?
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GhostmanDeviantartHobbyist General Artist
Please don't enraged by my opinion but; From what I've seen, I personally think Two-kinds Webcomic just exists to pander to adolescent furries. I stopped when flora wanted hypnotized to have sex with Trace (Even if Trace had nothing to do with it). But ever since gajin goombas video on star foxes cultural background (in SSB) I can't resist kitsune.

There might be more if I continued watching; so if it gets significantly good and worth my time, please tell me so.
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