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Nib Nab 3: Maren and Sythe

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By Twokinds   |   Watch
Published: January 10, 2020
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Nib gets away with Maren's bathing suit. Sythe covers up too just to commiserate with Maren's situation. Yeah, that's the reason. Suggested by Storymaker2!

Nib Nab 2 by Twokinds

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This so need's to be colored.    
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jejeeee, we all know why you needed to cover sythe xD
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Nibbly is the avatar of the goddess of love.
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Sythe: Maybe the table can produce another bikini for you.

Maren: Forget it, just get me a strong drink.

Sythe: You don't look happy that you are naked right now.

Maren: I'll get over it after a few drinks. After all if we are going to do what Trace and Flora did...… Well..... Let's get drunk and do it.

Several years later, Sythe and Maren celebrate their (censored number) of happy marrage with their twins from the fun they had that wonderful day.
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DeadjoolHobbyist Artist
Yeah that would be a nice ironic love story
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The nub with this nab is that they are currently shipping (and Nibs doesn't approve).

Timely suggestion!

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well, it seems that the maren/sythe pairing really took off now
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Sythe got an unexpected boner, while Nibs is

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DeadjoolHobbyist Artist
Can you make coloring version from this Please.
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Nibs is jealous of Maren, so in a fit of rage, Nibs steals her clothing.
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Or Nibs ships it and is trying to get things going, her way.

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SanlurisHobbyist General Artist
The Birth of Venus - TwoKinds Version.
Stealing someone's bathing suit is an achievement in The Sims 3 Pets. A cat or dog has to do it.
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We know why he's covering... Yes we do.
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I love nibs little shenanigans!
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The adorable pantie thief strikes again!
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Why was this censored on Patreon? XD It's not even lewd.

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Three naked characters is too lewd, perhaps?
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nibbly is clearly wearing that bra, so i dispute that nibbly is naked.

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Maren know the reason wen they married and have their first night alone! [^/////^]'
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kanyikoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww Miss Nibbly, you mischievous little match-maker! :la:
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Oh man, the implications! :XD:
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Sythe, you could always cover up in another way.
"Why are you behind Maren?"
"No reason."
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NezumiYukiProfessional Digital Artist
Oh Nibby... Never stop being the adorable mischief making floof tail you are! :heart:

Maren and Sythe~
Welp... better head back to your room before others catch you like this...

Go back and hide under the covers! :iconhurrhurrplz::heart:
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xxOMEGAxx000Hobbyist Writer
Lucky they were near his room. Wink wink
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