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Mistletoe 2016

By Twokinds
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Once again we revisit the enchanted mistletoe, in this latest (final?) entry in the series!

Here are the previous Christmas mistletoe comics:

Mistletoe 2015 by Twokinds Happy Holidays 2012 by Twokinds Mistletoe 2014 by Twokinds
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The magic mistletoe returns and its finally PG.

Wil-m-full-j's avatar

a hidden heart shape in kiss scene . That’s clever

Tarmist25's avatar
I'd like to see what exactly happened when it ended up on her "end" >:3
TorqueEffect's avatar
Funnily enough, sometimes my girlfriend says exactly that. "I will bite you!" Usually when she's annoyed at me. lol
Faunnis-Wolf's avatar
"i will bITE YOu"
LongbowSR's avatar

You mean dear?

Anyone else catch that?
conmankey's avatar
its probably a christmas joke
LongbowSR's avatar
I think it was thr antlers she was referencing when I glanced through a second time
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jk they were already here, they are everywhere

just like my soul 
Sanluris's avatar
Watch out, it's probably full of nargles. Luna Lovegood
MviluUatusun's avatar
I still love this drawing.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
somercet's avatar
highwindwarrior1988's avatar
I love that! "I will bite you..." lol
hamstap85's avatar
You freaking sadist, giving us what we want and shit
YawBSketchin's avatar
Bestiality for the win!
CyrusGrayhollow's avatar
cyberspyro's avatar
it finally worked!
blackdog1232's avatar
Success finally XD
RHEI-RAT's avatar
Finally , one day without issue from this damned mistletoe      ^_^

And i love Trace's shoes
Shadowkey392's avatar
I'll be darned. It didn't backfire.

XD have a Happy New Year, Tom!
GirlwithaWhiteMask's avatar
yukachu's avatar
Daaaaw super sweet
Vitriscordance's avatar
How unexpectedly sweet.
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