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Mistletoe 2015

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Maybe one day, Flora will realize that she is in a comic, and thus the magic mistletoe will always backfire for comedic effect whenever she tries to use it.

...And now, I suddenly realize that "magic mistletoe" is a much better name than "enchanted mistletoe". Aaah well...

For reference, here are the previous Christmas mistletoe comics, including the "butt incident":

Happy Holidays 2012 by TwokindsMistletoe 2014 by Twokinds
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MasterzookaHobbyist Digital Artist
we dont talk about the butt incident dammit trace
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CurfieHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I've been looking at your art for awhile now and I have to admit it looks fantastic! You have an amazing art style and I strive to one day have one that comes close. Either way keep up the amazing work.
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ThatFaceGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy moley
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The mistletoe strikes back   ^_^"
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DragonEmperror2810Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even after all those years, that mistletoe still has it...good to know, good to know indeed :3
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highwindwarrior1988Hobbyist General Artist
XD lol!!
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Someone is going to realize the power, and put it on a belt.  Hopefully it will be given to Trace or Flora, for when they are alone.
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Tarmist25Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is the tail "incident"...
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That is accidental, this would be on purpose.  'oh dear, you're kissing over and over my under and under"
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walkinglord5Hobbyist Artist
oh heelll nooo
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vocaloidninja1999Student Traditional Artist
Lol o my //////
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I still love this one and the one from the previous year (the butt incident mentioned).  LOL.  I can hardly wait to see what you do for Christmas this year, Tom.  LOL.
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thestooge2222Hobbyist Artist
can't wait for what you have planned THIS year!
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Said Trace while he silently watched Flora make up with ''spots'' >w>b
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You know, in the right hands this could lead to diplomatic incidents....
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Nod-Shadow-WolfHobbyist Writer
There's a Scarry thought...
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What do you mean?
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Imortal-NightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice touch with the little basitin nutcracker fellow.
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Looks like Kat grabbed something out of a chest to spruce up her chest. =D
Okay, I'll leave.
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magnusm4Hobbyist Artist
I never noticed the Keith doll in the first panel. Also Trace got an early present X3
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Onisatsu18Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my :3
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I still laugh every time I see this one, and the next one.  That darned magic mistletoe is DANGEROUS!  LOL.
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MoskimonHobbyist Artist
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Is this brought, by evil sorcery?
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