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Mihari and Flora Chill

By Twokinds
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After being caught out in the rain, Mihari and Flora decide to chill with some games for a while as they dry. The light tap of rain on the window and muffled sounds of distant traffic can be heard in the background.

This was a gift for Mihari, who's avatar you might recognize as the mascot of The Katbox! Her design was a lot of fun to work with, and I really enjoyed being able to draw a more modern setting than my usual fantasy fair. There's just something about being safe inside at night during a rain storm that gives me that happy-sad nostalgic feeling, if you know what I mean. Hopefully some of you feel the same way. :)
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gta 5?
MercenaryX's avatar
Switch Pro Controllers playing Smash Ultimate?
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PekkaMemesterHobbyist General Artist
Thats just straight up adorable
Thefatdragoness's avatar
Looks like someone got there first victory royal with chug jug
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Casual Fridays where clothing is optional.Heart 
infrawash's avatar
when flora is going to our world:D (Big Grin) 
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jamjam29Hobbyist Digital Artist
love your work!
human72's avatar
clever there. very clever. :P 
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RaMpEdUpStudent Artist
Does it freak anyone else out to see them with modern technology?

Just me?
TheBulletBot's avatar
dont worry, its not just you
MoppyPuppy's avatar
They actually just chilled the entire night.
W1shmaker's avatar
what made you do this?
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SariaFrostcatHobbyist General Artist
Love this
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ScarletGamerArtistHobbyist General Artist
awww so cute!
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JasperWolf420Student Artist
Eyyyy, Nuka-Cola! :gluttony: (var) 
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Aang10Hobbyist General Artist
I woner if all Keidran have retractible claws.
dragonmaster444's avatar
only felines. canines still have unretractable ones.
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Aang10Hobbyist General Artist
in real life yeah but with Keidran its hard to tell.
dragonmaster444's avatar
I believe that tom made it official that that is how it works but still i agree hard to tell.
Aang10's avatar
Aang10Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah he did make that official
dragonmaster444's avatar
ok as i thought
Aang10's avatar
Aang10Hobbyist General Artist
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