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Measured Up 2

By Twokinds
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Flora tried to help Kat out, using her expert experience with Christmas Lights, and only made things worse. Suggested by Saberbeam!

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Clovis is totally ramping up to kill Brutus in the main comic. This is the only place I can think of to talk about it. I hope that strange rumbling in the ceiling comes to Brutus' rescue before he dies, he's a total sweetheart even though his extreme naivete did at one point culminate with him shooting fireballs at children...

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Cats love to snuggle, Kats even more so.

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Eric - Everybody don't move!

And he is gone. With speed of light Eric come back with all of his painting Eqipment and sinister grin.

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Flora, haven’t you learned by now? And Kat...don’t ever change.

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Can I join?

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Are you able to measure up to this standard?

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Friendship, huh? Always gets you into this sort of stuff

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I'd vote for it to get colored.

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Gurl, yer boobs are in the way, move, i cant reach the damn key tip to untie us!

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Someone is enjoying this much more than the other....

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"String!? You can't handle the string!"

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When cats play strung up.

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Kat seems to like it :).

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"Eric, can you tell Kat to stop nuzzling up against me?"

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Kat seems to be enjoying this a little too much xDD

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She maybe flat, but bet Flora is comfy... Not that she seems to like being used as a pillow!

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I feel like Flora has that expression because she's had enough of our shit.

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Aww... At least she tried.

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Eric: [grins and takes out sketchbook]

Flora: Don't you dare! Trace, save me!

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This is adorable!

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Someone doesn't look entirely convinced about the situation...

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