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Lo-Fi Hip Hop Kat

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#1 color vote from May sketches, suggested by unsteddyphoenix!

Check out the Patreon post for a night version too:
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LadydragoncatHobbyist General Artist

Loving that she's left-handed!

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That tiny teddy dragon Nora on the shelf! <3

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LadydragoncatHobbyist General Artist

All it needs is some actual Lo-Fi music, and it would be perfect for a YouTube video.

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Amazing work

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mmp442Hobbyist Writer

wow i listened to the Lo-Fi channel just now

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supernova555110New Deviant

That huge building in the background looks like the Templar HQ. Also I think that floating building is a modern mana tower.

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HonoredNightHowlerHobbyist Traditional Artist

This gives me Will Smith vibes for some reason. Or was it Miles Morales?

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That calendar has a 28-day May.

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Lovely work. Great job with the atmosphere.

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Lo-Fi Hip Hop Youtube channels are good to just grove too.

Thank you for sharing.

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I love future twokinds and hope we get some comics for it.

A future let's say five hundred years or a thousand years where the characters are reborn in a world where the war of human species and keidran ended and they could progress together where a new future combines technology and magic. I would love to live in a future like this.

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You and me both, just imagine the VR games.
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I like this one ^^ i'll use it as wallpaper for my pc ^^

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wolfyurikunHobbyist Digital Artist
This is my favorite thing ever.
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wonderful work

Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1]Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Nice job, Tom!

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flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist

Great touch with the background building, always been a fan of Magical-Modern settings c:

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YoungForRewer Photographer

Better than the original. Keep up the good work

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ConkerBirdyHobbyist Digital Artist

I hope you consider doing a modern TwoKinds spin off that youve been teasing for a decade.

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wow ıts nostalgıc but awesome!

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The book titles are super funny and creative, I would love to read winter of heat.

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