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Laura Daki

#2 October Sketch voted for color, suggested by DustyRaincloud!
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Ah toe beans get me everytime

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Ma'am this is a mocdon-
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i need this on a pillow

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God, my favorite character is her

Still want to know what "offscreen" Trace thinks of her posing like this. ;P

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I think you mean Keith, he was her boyfriend.

There's a couple pieces he did about the group "offstage" and Laura's dating Trace

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Pretty sure they meant Trace, that's just an old reference to another piece that Tom drew

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Are you ever going to turn these into pillows?

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Gosh, fricken adored her the moment she was introduced in the story >//w//<. Her and Mike just too cute.

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i can be ur angle or ur debil

made my day XD

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its not rape if ur both cryin

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Yes, it is. :-(

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Do you have any scientific evidence to back your claim Iron-Ed?

Assuming you are serious, I can't speak for Iron-Ed. But speaking for myself I would guess science studies of rape are based on a nation's legal definition. So the key is that, and for the laws around here it doesn't matter if one or more parts are crying. To simplify, I'll use our Wikipedia's definition: "Rape is a type of sexual offense in which intercourse or other comparable sexual act is committed without the express consent of all parties." ["Våldtäkt"]

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