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Kathrin and the Birdie


A friendly bird comes says hello! ...Everyone's looking at the bird, right? Suggested by Snowmanwizard!

Alt Version: Kathrin and the Birdie by Twokinds

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I'm looking at that smile ^^ She looks so happy!

TheWubbzler's avatar

Katherine's a Disney Princess confirmed!

TheWubbzler's avatar

I'm looking at the whole thing, it's all beautiful.

*Eyes chest. Always expect mimics.

TheWubbzler's avatar

*Pushes the fat guy*

Maryalee's avatar

Yah, I'm looking at the...bird.

Infernobull's avatar

Kat is always so adorable and lovely, the bird just helps make her even cuter

MviluUatusun's avatar

There's something to see besides the bird on Kat's hand?

This kind of reminds me of the scene from "Sleeping Beauty" (animated) in which she's singing a song and a bird lands on her hand.

TheWubbzler's avatar

So I'm right, she IS a Disney Princess!

I was thinking Cinderella but that'll work too

perfesser-bear's avatar

Kat speaks Bird? Who knew?

TheWubbzler's avatar
MviluUatusun's avatar

She's a girl of many talents as was implied when she made her first appearance in "TwoKinds".

Shadowkey392's avatar

It IS a cute boo-I mean, birdie!

Alpha568's avatar

Not Eric, that's for sure...

There is actually a book by the title of "Catherine, called Birdie" which is what I thought of when I saw the title.

Null42x86's avatar

Cute like she always is

gargnob's avatar

Nice birdie...

Skorpychan's avatar

... There's a bird?

not-circumlocutios's avatar

Poor Kat, having such a curly tail at a time like this

Galacticdragon18's avatar

I'm getting Marry Poppins vibes from this. "With just a spoon of sugar helps the medicine go down."

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