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Kathrin - Target Aquired

By Twokinds
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Kathrin getting ready to pounce, suggested by unsteddyphoenix!
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This reminds me of every cat I have ever lived with. =^..^=

unknownfromAI's avatar

I'm not a woman, but I'd have to guess that leaning forward like that and putting most of your weight on your breasts can't be comfortable.

Golden--Gears's avatar

She isn't putting any weight on them otherwise they would look squished. She is clearly holding herself up with her forearms if you actually look at the way her arms are positioned.

gh22's avatar

Acquiring radar lock.... Solid tone, Solid tone. Fox Two, Missile away!

nuclearmissile's avatar

Man, Patreon gettin' awfully puritanical about these drawings.

Cecil475's avatar

Here's hoping it won't beat her this time.

MoppyPuppy's avatar

I hope it not only beats her but ties her up and suspends her in the air.

MoppyPuppy's avatar

No let's get Mike in there somewhere, like in the background.

Real close.

Mike's gender really isn't important.

BorderWolf's avatar

I think that there is a 99% chance that Kat is going to end up tangled by that ball of yarn.

facade11663's avatar

this feels like the prequel to the measuring tape incedent

doggertoo's avatar

This is terrible. Kathrin is udderly debasing herself.

JKNewLife's avatar

Awww, I really hope this one gets colored

alphablood119's avatar

ah hey man, she is aught to get the color, this is kat we are talking about

JKNewLife's avatar

I guess it all depends on how may people vote for it, or put money towards it or however these things are decided.

Golden--Gears's avatar

It's voting, but I don't think this one is even getting an honorable mention let alone a color vote.

JKNewLife's avatar

Aw nuts. I might have to take coloring this in my own hands if that's the case (although I'd just keep it to myself since I don't wanna post/piggyback what is essentially someone else's original work)

rotum's avatar

Watch as she pounces on it to become involved in a very tangled mess

Eta-Carinae1777's avatar

When cats activate "Terminator" mode. :)

MikkelNPetersen's avatar

*Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Pounce*

TorbjornLarsson's avatar

Another one of Tom's fine spun yarns.

That butt though! Cats loves to show 'em.

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NightLock0100's avatar

She is now in a trance

paul-rosenkavalier's avatar

That's delightful! :)

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