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Kat's Evil Clone
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Kat meets her diabolical counterpart... and likes what she sees. Suggested by OnlyOneFoxy!
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Grendelkin's avatar
Grendelkin|Hobbyist General Artist
Hard to tell who's the evil one, here...
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darthjavaga1's avatar
Witch one is evil again XD
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neotruekaiser's avatar
'I.. need an adult'
Kat: i AM an adult!
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Foxy123VideoAudio's avatar
Foxy123VideoAudio|Hobbyist Filmographer
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Salvage-98's avatar
Salvage-98|Hobbyist Writer
Kat yes!
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wolf12832's avatar
Seems like REAL Kat is the Evil one, while the "Evil" Clone seem to look like a Church Girl.
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marshallthereader's avatar
wow thats even better it should be the faith clone
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TheWubbzler's avatar
If I had a chance to talk with Flora or any other Kiedran hell maybe even a Basition...I'd say this

"See this is what separates your species from mine! If you encounter a replica...you'd get down with it...If Humans (More specifically ones like me) encountered a replica...I finally get to commit suicide by beating myself to death...and it will be fun." >:)
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DarthKeidran's avatar
DarthKeidran|Hobbyist General Artist
😈Kat: “Um… Aaah… I need an Adult!”
Kat: “What do you mean sweety? We are adults.”
😈Kat: “You really don’t know what you’re implying here don’t you?!”
Eric: “What’s going on here?”
😈Kat: “Help!”
Eric: “Kat! Why are you making her feel concerned?!”
Kat: “What do you mean? Isn’t this what you said people like?”
Eric: “Come on dear, I’d like to paint your portrait, and maybe even have some ‘quality time’ together.”
Kat: “Finally!!!”
Eric: “Not you… Her… where’d she go!?”
😈Kat: “Get Me Out Of Here!!!”
Kat: “You can paint me.”
Eric: “I wake up to your face every day. I don’t think I need to paint you.”
Kat: “Her Face IS THE SAME AS MY FACE!!!”
Eric: “Okay… Okay…”
*paints his Magnum Opus*
Kat: “See! This is amazing!”
Eric: “I’m not sure I need to paint ever again…”
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baiternader's avatar
baiternader|Hobbyist General Artist
Is this gonna be twincest, selfcest, or clonecest? :3
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Rakuriden's avatar
I going for "none of the above" because if i recall correctly she is nora shapeshifted, or some kind of creature, but i could be wrong.
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JaguarSunGod's avatar
I believe the answer is, yes.
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TheWubbzler's avatar
Yeah it's all of that stuff! Even the Nora thing!
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Cannonfodder10503's avatar
Cannonfodder10503|Hobbyist General Artist
Whuch ones the evil one?
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InnerBushman's avatar
The horny one! *BA* *DUM* *TSHH*
... Ok, I'll show myself out.
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Miyuki-Kitsune's avatar
Miyuki-Kitsune|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if this ends up being lesbian sex, or just masturbating
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McGamor's avatar
Uhm... did anyone else notice where "good" Kat's right leg is going?
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DravynDark's avatar
DravynDark|Hobbyist General Artist
LOL OMG Kat's gonna F herself LOL
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Astroanimations's avatar
Astroanimations|Hobbyist General Artist
So who is the evil one? 7w7
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Infernobull's avatar
Wonder if there will be one where its Kat from an alternate universe where she's a he... that would be something but.. I can't deny this is a nice pic
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MviluUatusun's avatar
Evil is such a relative term.  I mean, doesn't it just mean the opposite of good and who decides if you're good?  So, who knows maybe the "evil" Kat is good in her mind making the "good" Kat the evil one.  Right?
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GoodMudkip's avatar
She's gonna have to defeat her evil double before facing the final boss
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