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Kat Lingerie


Kat excitedly explaining an outfit she made and working with lace, but Zen is a too little distracted to pay attention. Suggested by Nitarius!

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I need to put my face in those two big round pillows and going to hell

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Zenkat 4 ever!


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When you accidentally create something that makes you look even HOTTER than when you´re straight up NAKED! OMGsqueeeee....

Why put her in clothes when she's naked 99% of the time anyway? How is this sexier than nude Kat? XD

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now i just want to see natani in this lingery, trying to seduce keith

Howl, can he not be howling!?

I am.

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Zen's distraction is entirely warranted - beauty is a weapon, and Kat's swinging it thoughtlessly, like a squire with a sword.

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Kat showing her handy work

Zen: *takes 100 beauty damage*

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Ona jest niesamowita

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Mnm, cuter with clothes on, who would have guessed?

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Well, Zen was quite the hero in the recent comic update, so perhaps he deserves quite the view

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Zane is one lucky dude

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who is this... “Zane”?

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I find this sexier then if she were naked for whatever reason

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Because the lingerie enforces her female form, drawing additional attention to the sexual regions.

That´s why it is so powerful even though it does cover other parts up.

Plus there is the temptation of a wrapped gift, we just LOVE to unwrap it and see what´s inside.

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That's not unusual, really. Many people find the "tease" more appealing than outright nudity.

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Well she’s usually in the buff by default, so naturally clothing makes her sexier.

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A 404 error has occurred with Zen.

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I mean, even to other Keidran, that's probably more lewd than going in the nude.

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