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I Can Be Your Damsel

By Twokinds
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"It seems your princess is in another castle. But as long as you're here..."
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ardashir's avatar
And what a lovely damsel she is.
DatTemplar's avatar
*takes off helmet* Saitama 
Kordharin's avatar
That… is actually kinda cute.

I like her. And for a moment I thought she was trying to hypnotize me when I looked into her eyes.
kjcxb1's avatar
don't mined if i do.
Oh you dirty bitch! I would in fact like to play cops and robbers. Better run! *Puts on policeman hat and begins hitting her with a novelty foam police baton*
masstransitkrow's avatar
Love that Mario reference with a twist
K4nK4n's avatar
Aww, such an adorable and sweet character!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
S7alker117's avatar
I wholeheartedly agree with the statement in the description. :D
realflow001's avatar
i like dragons and furrys equally to be honest xD i have characters of dragons and furrys XD
HirridokDA's avatar
sorry, i dont like dragons Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
masscrusher500's avatar
DatFox273's avatar
I cannot agree completely with you, I'm not saying it's bad at all but this is why people say we're furfags (d--- that word straight to h---)
Well consider me traumatized
Veprem's avatar
Damn, Lady Nora, you FINE!
AltimaDXY's avatar
samlake2's avatar
I hate to say this, but I would totally nail that dragon. :)
NitroGAMEAAW's avatar
run trace XD before she gets you
Dragonrid3r528's avatar
Ember294's avatar
Andy that's a Anthro Lady Nora. Trace, run.
inhumandude2's avatar
Come to think of it, this princess is a bitch.
Let's get out of here, miss.
DeviantArtFanPablo's avatar
Is that... Lady Nora!? Holy s**t!! Nora, if that is you, ya got me for as long as you want.
trinson's avatar
Sure you can!  Can I be your distress?  *Wink Wink*  ;P
dragon-blood-runs's avatar
yes, yes you can. i think my king sent me to fetch the wrong woman anyway ;p
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