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High Five!

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Published: January 27, 2020
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Mike misses the mark and hits something else, suggested by SomeOtherTom!

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ItsallaboutM3Hobbyist Traditional Artist

That's me...but I am sure I'd get slapped...even though it was unintentional:smoking:(I don't support, using expression only)
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I hope Kat could have childs one day.
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She doesn't... She is infertile as she said a while back.

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She said in the past she can't enter to heat, but maybe her body works more like a true female human body.
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If you read the comic (and it sounds like you did) you should know that she also said that she'll never have children of her own.

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Maybe the people (inside and outside the comic) relate that with the heat but what if is as Zero said about the human body? she's actually a virgin so she doesn't really "tested" her body, so in other words, that is a theme that remains in the air until Zen wanna "try" to make children with Kat ;P

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I wonder if this was simply a prank set up by Kat, and that's why she's laughing.
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Lucky guy, if that had been any of the other girls he'd be hurting right now
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The grope-a-dope tactic - Kat is in for the win!

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She must consider Mike a friend who can get away with the occasional grope.
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Fortunately for him and unfortunately for us there are no dragon witnesses.
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AdventureWantedHobbyist Photographer
What if this Kat IS the dragon.  Her eyes are closed the whole time.
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Well if Nora is impersonating Kat, then I demand an after picture representing the transformation nonsense!
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SanlurisHobbyist General Artist
Well, it is a bigger target.
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such confidence she have, me next Kat, i wanna try out too :v

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WoolfLykaIIHobbyist Digital Artist

*insert anime “wow” sound*

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I wonder if she moved her hand just a little to mess with him.

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MaximArrtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Most ladies: *Slaps the person, who groped her, in the face*
This one: *Laughs*
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Sometimes I forget she actually offered to massage every part of trace's body with every part of hers. This sort of contact doesn't phase her.

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After the misunderstanding was cleared and Kat left, Mike looked down at his left hand.

“It’s like I touched a cloud...”

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"I'm never washing this hand again!"

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"there are no accidents"

-master oogway

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"shoot for the moon and you'll still get a star"

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