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Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! Eat as much candy as you can!
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I am looking over this pic a second time, I now notice Her Majesty King Adelaide and Adira in the background. And does Maddie have a blade in her bag?!


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I will never get this knocking on my door and I am okay with this, but I am not okay with this! *ping*
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That's a very nice Halloween-themed group picture you've done of these characters together, and Halloween has always been one of my most favorite holidays of the year as well. :pumpkin:
tediouslyCapriconian's avatar
How do they get the materials for outfits in the first place?
PeytonTheRiolu's avatar
ill give u a hint:
Xenoblade777's avatar
Too cute for words
spacewolflord's avatar
The furry cuteness.
Thank you for sharing.
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I can't not think this looks creepy, its like if you saw a normal human from behind, but when they turned around you realized it was a human suit...

Nice art work though.
Tectorman's avatar
Is the King of the Basitin dressed up as Wonder Woman or Pyrrha from RWBY?
Sora112112's avatar
Brb, I be still squee!
ToaFeliax's avatar
Wait, Maddie is the king's daughter?
DMora13's avatar
yeah it was mentioned when the whole group found her on the ship...
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didnt ya notice dat?? it appears on da comic
ToaFeliax's avatar
Maybe, it was quite long ago.
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The costumes are great! They look they don't exactly fit, which gives it a certain authenticity. The doormat is awesome as well.
badwolf1113's avatar
I love how my age 18+ on this app but it still won't let me look at this
HirridokDA's avatar
like always, awesome art
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