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Keith in the morning, suggested by Kamonster and Galen! Fem Keith suggested by Kinipshun!

Goodmorningfemkeith by Twokinds 
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Really hope this one gets colored, i need more topless Keith in my life

BeastsMark's avatar

Awww he is still wearing underwear? D:

But his ankles are uncovered.

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Male good morning sketches are my life force rn
If one doesn't get colored, I swear to god
TheStien's avatar

Missing Natani xD

Mister sleepyears.

Am I the only one who noticed he has "morning wood" with his tail?

Sir-Tristan's avatar

I think you're just seeing what you want to see.

Oh... I guess I'm gay then.

Sir-Tristan's avatar

Sometimes it does be like that.

TheOutcasts64's avatar
Was thinking the same thing
Omnikrystal's avatar

Paint me like one of your French girls Natani.

Its kinda a shame there isn't a nude version. Like, all the other "Goodmornings" images are full nudes, uwu.

TheOutcasts64's avatar
You have no idea how mildly infuriated I got watching him draw the underwear
JSRees's avatar

Did you not see his bare ankle?

Koinupup's avatar

That was way too lewd, how dare he?!

Null42x86's avatar

I'm not gay but looks very cute

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