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Good Morning Natani

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#3 April Color Vote, suggested by Delphon, Galahad Star, Jeebuus, John Ozborne, JokerA249, Tony1695, Yettie, and Orekh!
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biekgirl100Student Digital Artist
Sleepy :3
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She looks well rested.

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LauradrakkynHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a sexy man tbh
Kaage-YaffaKahli's avatar
Kaage-YaffaKahliProfessional Digital Artist

lol XD thats me in a nutshell, like Late June morning, Cool Art Well Done!

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mjt410Hobbyist Artist

Oof, if you wanna wake her up, you’ll need probably some coffee and Keith. If that doesn’t work then just have Zen go in her head since they’re linked XD

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LukeTheRipperHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwww, such natural beauty ^^
BorderWolf's avatar
We might need a VERY GOOD reason to wake her so early in the morning, plus have a LARGE mug of coffee for her.
S-Panther's avatar

Such a graceful sleeper. I guess this is how Natani is without someone to cuddle with while sleeping.

Dragnmastralex's avatar
DragnmastralexProfessional General Artist

the stealthy assassin rest and prepares for the attack

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The new holder for the title of "most suggested."
Hergman's avatar
i don't see keith with her in the bed
Hardwing's avatar
Thinking about the last picture:

Canine grace vs. Feline grace. ;-)

She looks great though!
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HonoredNightHowlerHobbyist Traditional Artist

Me when I'm bored and with current events, I feel like i've been doing mostly this lol. Looks like a good slumber, Natani is completely knocked out. Great work on this also, cute beans Natani has ^^

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mischiefdemonicaHobbyist Artist
wake up doggo
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There needs to be way more pictures and scenes of Natani acting/being cute.
perfesser-bear's avatar
perfesser-bearHobbyist Writer
Oh, Glory, they're cute when they're asleep. Then they grow up, and the 'cute' part becomes less of the whole...
Infernobull's avatar
Even while sound asleep she manages to cover her chest from view, still.. Natani has a nice butt...Keith one lucky guy.  Although I have a feeling Keith's on the floor admiring Natani like this ^^;
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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer
Like a lion :D
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NateumsteadHobbyist Photographer
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AssholeTheOneStudent Artist
  Tumblr E42f318f00ee3974e74184648f9bf1e0 4da79bd5 5 by AssholeTheOne  
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This is me with his art too.

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