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Good Morning Amelia


#1 Color vote for Sneptember, suggested by ProsePro7!

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Must have been one heck of a party last night.

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awwwww i find this wholesome

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hmm cat wine. I wonder if they make a kind for bunnies.

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love your art work dude.

Discoh21's avatar

lol "Sneptember"

Maryalee's avatar

Such a good morning this is. The best morning.

Ashezth's avatar

😳 respectfully

Aralaas's avatar

It is literally the cats pajamas.

CaseyDecker's avatar

That looks quite sweet and lovely for sure! :D

TorturedArtist745's avatar

Good morning to you, too, beautiful!

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I can't help but be amused by the fact that the cat is wearing more than the snep.

yifflvr's avatar

A snow kitty is the best. Love that floofy tail and long hair.

Ok, if she's as pickled as she looks, it's time to pull some sheets over her, leave the room and get a cold shower.

i want to hug the big one

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A pleasant way to wake up! :-)

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I believe half pint there didn't last long during that drinking night. I mean can you drink a bottle the size of yourself ? ^^

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Sneptember is half nous even if it was on purpose or not XD

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UNKY - Dr. Fox Le gasp emote

I would recommend plenty of fluids and B complex for that hangover.

I wouldn't - plenty of analyses has shown supplements decrease average lifetime if taken (and the individual hasn't been long term underfed the minerals or vitamins). It's not even funny to suggest it. [IMO, of course - some find Darwinian Award jokes funny. I find "the awards" being funny as is.]

And really,. isn't too much alcohol enough of a problem!?

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