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The wolf girl and human guy from Notable Civilizations, suggested by MatyMaty!

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It did look like they wanted to hold hands. And as we all know. That's sinful.

portermzdm's avatar

LoL… they did seem to be checking each other out in that lineup, didn’t they?

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Feeling the floof alone would be an experience itself!

BorderWolf's avatar

Nice, she feels that he is worthy of touching her body. Let's hope this guy will not be a baka and refuse the invitation for the 'fun' that is going to follow.

Shadowkey392's avatar

Tom drew these two together. They are a couple now. We have spoken!

alemendoza94's avatar

So says us shippers!

KingInYellowTatters's avatar

Wasn't she slightly *taller* than him back on that lineup?

Shadowkey392's avatar

mmm…more like the same height, or slightly shorter, it’s hard to tell.

Gr33nShade's avatar

The cat boy was also checking out the basitin girl, will we see how they interact?

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FilFire's avatar

I'd take that offer with both hands.

Shadowkey392's avatar

I hope he takes the hint.

Galacticdragon18's avatar

Why does the human look like Red?

spacekid2004's avatar

no, red has long red hair. this guy has short brown hair.

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"This is fine."

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a new ship has been invented

Rojas-Crevan's avatar

And now it is time to let it sail!

Is there a doctor near buy I have a uh rising pain ... Correction rising body temperature and a big muscle spasm

Vawkis's avatar

That' way to ask for chest and belly rubs

retrorussell's avatar

Hmm.. Can't seem to feel it. Might need two hands.

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