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Gender Bender 2



I drew this image with the first version in mind. At the time, Natani wasn't a part of the cast, so I really wanted to create a new version with her included, since a gender bending seemed very appropriate for her character. A lot of people have commented that Natani looks a lot like her brother here, which seems appropriate. As siblings, a male Natani would naturally look quite a lot like Zen.

One thing some people mentioned about the previous gender bender image was that Flora didn't look all that much like a guy. I tried my best this time around to make her look masculine this time around. The muzzle might have been a bit overboard, but I still like how he came out, and he seems to like the results as well. As for Trace, being the human, I had to use some creativity to cover everything up. I do like how the long blue hair looks on him.

Keith seems to have changed the least out of all of them. It really didn't take a lot to make him look like the opposite gender. Some eye-lashes, a couple of fleshy bits and bam! Girl Keith. He might not be so happy about this change, but Natani sure is! And I hope you guys are too.
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Meanwhile Madelyn (now Matt?) is out of frame wondering how that spell went wrong. And Zen, despite being far away, catches the spell effect through the soul link...