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Fusion: Nora and Flora

Flora and Nora fuse, suggested by X-ian!
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fnora (or fnlora)

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How about Lorna?

Floran? Oh, wait, that's Starbound.

it will be interesting to see this one colored to be honest my mind gave the fused state coloration already and I am interested to see what Tom does for that

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Here's a deal where everyone wins! Flora gets bigger boobs, Nora can walk on two legs and they both get to bang Trace.

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now i'm curious how curvy raine would end up with nora doing that.

*ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA* the fusion keeps striking some templars who were after Trace.

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Norfla? Orfla? Flora? "Hey sexy?"

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hey tom, have you thought about brutus and adira being together? i think they would be a perfect couple.

i thought because maeve's father was never mentioned.

Trace is going to be in for one hell of wild night... One body with twice the lust for him...

I wonder if this would have any side effects on her kid? Also another nice side effect is this would definitely increase her lifespan by a significant amount.

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Just use the name part they both share and call them Ora.

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flnora or florna

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Let's just call her "Bigg'uns"

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Then they realize that their fused form is ten feet tall, but Trace is okay with that. ;)

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Fora. Nlora

Why not call themselves Fauna

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She's become a perfect being. Now with a lifetime comparable to humans.

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Flora: "I forgot you could tempt me with stuff I want."

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