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Florence Ambrose Maid Outfit Fanart

By Twokinds
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I decided over the weekend to work some fanart for one of my favorite webcomics, Freefall, due to recent events in the comic. This was the result. For those of you who do not read Freefall, I'd recommend you do! It's a long-running series (over 2000 pages spanning 13 years) and one of the principle inspirations for me as a comic artist. However, to give a little context:

Florence Ambrose is a member of a genetically engineered species known as a Bowman's Wolf. While entirely biological, her brain is designed with human safeguards in place, just as it is with synthetic AIs. One of these safeguards includes obeying direct orders from humans of authority. This becomes a problem when she is ordered to wear a french maid outfit [link] and an even bigger problem when she is later ordered to stop. [link]

If you would like to read the comic in its entirety, it can be found here: [link]

Florence Ambrose and Freefall are owned by Mark Stanley.

(And I am quite aware my version of Flo looks a lot like Natani in my style. I tried to avoid it, but in the end, they are both upright brown wolves with hair. =D )
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Awsome character design! Looking forward to seeing more!
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I didn't care for Freefall the first time I tried to read it.  Thank goodness, I gave it a second chance.  It's turned out to be one of the funniest comics I've read in a long time.
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Saw this, clicked the link, was not disappointed!
Then I read all 2725 pages in three days. I love being sick!

Oh, and...DOGGY!
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Beastiality at its finest
Zeeniphilia, technically. 
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Shut up both of you assholes.
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wow your art is way better than the freefall comic.
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What does he or she means by right now?
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He means take off the outfit right now.
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Holy- :O 

I never heard of Freefall before, and it was enough that Florence has a similar design to my character Landis, but the fact that they are both synthetic!? 

I'm gonna have to look at this! 
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I just want to kiss those cute sexy paws of hers
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Florence is so CUTE!
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do u make requests?
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Wait, what's wrong?
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If you read the comic linked in the comics it makes more sense.  Basically she's a biological AI that's been programmed to obey human orders.  The above scene occurred when she was ordered to stop wearing the maid's outfit, but was still under orders not to leave the room  so she ended up stripping in front of the Mayor.
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Oh...lucky bastard
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Lucky bitch might be more accurate as the Mayor is a woman.
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I asked a question about freefall before but I see I was just ignorant. You know freefall very well.
Nice pic. Instant fav.
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