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Flora and Kathrin Bathtime Redux

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By Twokinds   |   Watch
Published: January 11, 2020
© 2020 Twokinds
A remake of Flora and Slavegirl bathing by Twokinds, suggested by StarGamer26!

FYI: The reason the original drawing is called "Flora and Slavegirl" is just because at the time, Kathrin didn't have a name yet. She actually wasn't named in the comic until a month later.

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I wonder if Furshine is copyrighted......
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Well, I'm not surprised you had to post this one here. XD
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
That looks very nice and cute for such a picture you've done of these characters together for sure! :D
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ACK! My heart! It's too cute!
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Im very happy to see more great content from tom. Especially ones like these! <3
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Ooff, this got hotter in no time.

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Just like to state that this is on patreon for a $5 membership.
But here for free.

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RenOokamiHobbyist General Artist
Patreon is to support the artists but not all of them use it as an "exclusive" content only" store front.
In some cases, what's offered is just to "see the content in advance", rather than "see the content" itself.
In other cases, the patreon version differ in some point to the public version or work in progress images are added there.

In most case it's a mix of the three categories, depending on the artwork and number of versions that were drawn.
No big deal here. At best you'd probably be missing on early sketches and tiddies that may aswell have fur over them like in the family friendly design everyone knows and like; or see some pictures a few days/weeks/months late here with the exception of the kind of alternative versions mentioned above.

That's how patreon works, with each artist being free to set their own policy no matter if the norm tend to go toward exclusive content.
And we're kinda lucky that some goes to the lenghts of still showing stuff for free, because if everyone was locking the paywalls as soon as they get a big enough fandom many series and artworks would fall in a closed fandom fading into obscurity scenario.

So...Yeah, the content is free here and there's a reason for that. That the artist is a nice guy or just promoting their stuff (since after all, Twokinds is an ongoing webcomic you can read online or buy tomes as they get completed) the conclusion is up to you.
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Streaked-SilverHobbyist Digital Artist
Its like. 1 dollar, don't be dramatic.
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You obviously don't follow the patreon at all.
It's $5, I wasn't being dramatic, just making a statement.
Streaked-Silver's avatar
Streaked-SilverHobbyist Digital Artist
And with the clap back…

I clearly do, you are just ignorant.
Kendalon's avatar
You are the one being dramatic here.
It's not a big deal for me to make a statement, and someone already explained why it's on Patreon for a dollar and on here for free.
So I am done with you. Have a good day.
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Streaked-SilverHobbyist Digital Artist
again, if you forgot what you said to me so rudely.…
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Streaked-SilverHobbyist Digital Artist
And yet you tried to tell me why I was wrong when I wasn't
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Not everything from patreon gets posted here, only select ones that he wants to share with his full audience, while patrons get to see the steady stream of all his art
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I know that, I follow the patreon and his website.
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All of Tom's art is 100% free and available for everybody, save for a few side comics and the physical art book, and even most of the side comics have later been released for the general public. You don't have to be a patron to see most of his Patreon art, only pieces like this that Patreon deems too "adult" for people to see without paying, which is why he puts them here on DeviantArt, instead.

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Batsu-SamaHobbyist Writer

Yup, because patreon require "mature" content to be locked behind their paywall, while Tom wants everyone to be able to enjoy his work even if they can't afford it or their country doesn't offer debit cards, hence the free mirror here.

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Finally a decent answer.
That explains it a lot better than some of the other replies.
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It's amazing how much more lewd this turned out.

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NezumiYukiProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome redo, Tom! :heart:
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flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I remember this from back in the day, you sure have come a long way!
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