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Flora Character Sheet 2015

By Twokinds
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This is Flora, as I currently draw her, or thereabouts. Obviously, she's currently pregnant in the comic, but I wanted to keep it simple, so you can see her proportions as she appears throughout most of the story.

A few notes about her design: She has about three stripes on each section of her limbs (upper arm, lower arms, upper legs, lower legs, feet) two stripes on either side of her face, and circular stripes on her shoulders and hands. This stripe pattern isn't set in stone, but I try to keep those rules in mind when drawing them so they stay semi-consistent. Of course the earlier in the comic you go, the more the stripe pattern varied as her design was still a work in progress. Her tail is slightly longer than her legs. Her hair goes to about mid-back at the longest. The two antenna on top of her head sometimes move to reflect her mood. They also pick up radio signals, but since radio hasn't been invented yet, Flora hasn't noticed. (One of these facts is a lie)

This was drawn as a Kickstarter reward for loick. Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to use this character sheet as a reference or as a base for your own if you wish, I don't mind. I know it's a little bare bones as far as character sheets are concerned, but I think it gives a pretty good overview of how she looks. I hope to do a few more of my characters soon.

Fun fact: Flora was not originally a tiger. She was in fact just a plain grey and white cat. The comic just happened to begin right before Halloween (on Oct 22) and one of the first fillers I drew had Flora painted as a tiger for the holiday. It was the first post I did in color (the previous comics were black and white) and the design stuck, retroactively changing her forever. Can you imagine how different things would have been if it weren't for that one holiday?
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I'll definitely be watching. She's ridiculously cute with that baby bump. Hope you'll do another hi-def pic of her before the birth!
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Hi, I'm new me! I wish I'll have to draw those someday like Tom did!
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TheMasterCreativeHobbyist Filmographer
Awww, so cute this character.
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ItsallaboutM3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh, I thoght her hands had paw pads...Oh Well, beggers can't be choosers 
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SelenaMileyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful! Flora looks cute.
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JordAshPokemonStudent General Artist
I love flora she's awesome ^-^
Would I be able to use this as a base?
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Nice character... my fave after Hobbes he he...

Do you know the french's leopard-inspired GAZOLINE??? Artist = JANO. Google those 2 KWs but I am afraid you will find only french language reviews. She is not so distant from Flora, at least visually speaking.

This is a 1983-born character featured in 2 comics albums to date.
Post-atomic punk-rock-sex atmosphere in a Sci-Fi setting (planet Mars), with lots of funny secondary characters and a fully irrespectuous attitude along the tales. 'Guess your clean kind Flora would never turn as nasty-sexy as Gazoline is!
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I really love this character, she's so cute! Love 

(Fun fact : A friend of mine is called Flora, and except that she's not a tiger, physically the ressemblance is uncanny =P (Razz)  )
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CumuloSpark27Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it
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Griffguy26Hobbyist Artist
she kind a reminds of me except I'm male
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I just started reading the comic on a other site yesterday and i'm already into chapter 7. Love the comic by the way.😊😊😊
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OfficialBlayzeHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you don't mind if I use this when(actually, "if") I get around to drawing Flora.
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AroonCatStudent General Artist
You can see her here at 3:20
Dunno if that person had permission to use your art / oc, or if you already knew ^^"
Just letting you know :)
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The person at 3:20 IS Tom (creator of the comic) XD
He is Markiplier's brother.
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AroonCatStudent General Artist
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I'd love to see a reference sheet like this for Raine! She needs more love! ^^
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NourhHobbyist Traditional Artist
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LisaMarie216Hobbyist General Artist
She's pretty!
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I tell you.
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LisaMarie216Hobbyist General Artist
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YoItsChewyHobbyist Digital Artist
omg so cute *^*
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PitifulPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
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Meh I don't mind her killing me. that way I don't have to kill my self 
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