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Fear me!


Sarah the Adrakist gets her wish, suggested by MrEase!

I'd like to imagine she just runs up to every person she sees and says "FEAR ME!" before running off to the next.

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Remains me of the one buffy episode white the fear demon

"Fear meeee" splott

Yah that won't happening to this little dragon but she might end as a cuddle pet ^_^
jedi510's avatar
(Dragonborn theme from Skyrim starts)

Sarah notices a shadow coming over her: "What the-?"

Narrator: "But, there is one they fear! In their tounge he is Dovakien. Dragonborn!"

 Dragonborn:"FUS RO DAH!!"
It would be just her luck to get stuck on the Bastian island where they don't think too much about dragons.
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Wings. Can fly elsewhere.
Tiny wings. Not enough stamina. Yet.
Xaniell's avatar
"I am biotics made flesh. Fear me!" Oh wait, wrong series...
kmbmace's avatar
Funniest volus in the second game.
Draco56's avatar
That's super cute and well done! Nice work. :D
Ratchetpower2's avatar
What a cute little lighter.
Foxfurfun4214's avatar
oooooooohhh such a cute litte dragon with an even cuter attitude 
and just look at its tail wag UWU
Kinda like a chihuahua that swallowed a lighter...
Dallyvanters's avatar
My god this is cute <333
kyuubikurama2277's avatar
😂😂😂 too much, she is too cute to fear
alexwarlorn's avatar
I'm guessing this is what happens when she goes through the final stage of her transformation.
Speciesunkn0wn's avatar
i would pick her up and snuggle her.
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:D People will surely fear … that they won't be able to contain themselves in the presence of her cuteness.
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That's an amazing fire effect! Very realistic!
Ekairim's avatar
... how your going to name your new red dragie? *pets it*
Bluegirl123456's avatar
Awwwwww........... tiny dragon
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