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Published: May 16, 2020
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If old Trace was aware of what his new self was up to, suggested by Starcat13!
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(Some time before Trace loses his memories.)

???:"Gentlemen! A moment of your time..."

Trace:"Who are you and how did you get into the council room!?"

???:"Who I am doesn't matter, what matters is my purpose...You see, I have secrets..."

(A man walks into the room and shocks everybody.)

???:"That plenty of you would love to know..."

Rando:"My King! We thought you dead!"

King:"I was...till this Angel revived me...He seeks only to improve Humanity...To evolve us!"

???:"You see a long time ago I HATED Humans, thought all of you deserved extinction...but now...I realized that you don't deserve deserve Dominance, Power...The Authority over all that exists in every conceivable state of being...I even made a deal with your "God" the douche bag with horns...Don't worry about upsetting him, he can't hear us right now."

Rando:"What sorcery did you conjure to accomplish that?"

???:"Magic is merely a tool. A method left over by some fools who think Humanity NEEDS them when all you need is knowledge...With my Help, Humanity won't need magic, instead they'll be given the power to rewrite reality through mere thoughts, control all to their whim and even resurrect those you've lost."

(The man says as he stares directly at Trace with a wicked smile. Something happens though, something causes the revived King to go berserk and attack one of the guards, feasting on his entrails. The Templars use their magic but to no avail, as if he's immune to it. Eventually King bursts into flames and his corpse burns to ashes.)

Trace:"What did you do to him!?"

???:"I made him better!"

Trace:"You made him a monster!"

???:"YOU'RE ALREADY MONSTERS, I just removed that shackle that lied to you, convincing you that you're 'people' but in reality, There ARE no people...just those filthy animals...and then Humanity...Homo Sapien must become Deimo Sapien!"


???:"Exactly! Where did you think those nightmares come from? I made adjustments to certain Humans that DESERVED better than what my asshole of a father gave you!"

Rando:"What would be the price of such evil?" (Trace turns to him disgusted by his words.)

???:"Blood, also Argent Energy which only Humans can produce but I already have plenty of people for THAT...Albeit I have problems because of a certain Angry guy who's still pissed about me sticking his pet rabbit's head on a pike."

Rando:"The power would be unimaginable-"

Trace:"I can't believe what I'm hearing, you're all OK with this abomination warping us into his IMAGE!?"

???:"Quite the opposite, I'm the mimic here, the form I truly comprise of, is based off H-"


(Trace blinks only to be horrified that the man was in front of him in a literal blink, smiling as if he does not mind this seduction of power failed.)

???:"That's ok...There's plenty of Broken Humans I can use...That's a theme with Humanity...You're all psychos, eventually one will be ok with this...I just need to wait until he's got the authority for everyone else to be ok with it..."

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I wonder if there'll ever be a comic where Trace and evil Trace meet, I wanna see how they'd but heads.

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Dammit, this ruins a theory of mine but I'm ALMOST ok with it.


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Lay the Keidran, yes sir.:D

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ZxaskadHobbyist Artisan Crafter



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swatrzwaldHobbyist Writer

This way seems quite a bit more fun.

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deltafreeze7New Deviant

I'm just wanna SLAY u evil trace...

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Oh, he's "slaying" her go away evil Trace! Let the kids have fun already!
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thepacificroceanNew Deviant

(insert lenny face here)

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thepacificroceanNew Deviant
Lol I actually wrote that comment on pc and couldn't type a lenny face
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you can use pc and copy the face on the website

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GauntDuskHobbyist Digital Artist

I admittedly have wondered about that. It's not like that's the only thing that would piss him off.

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I know Flora has been pregnant for like a LONG while, like a few years at least or something, but I was kinda expecting her belly to have gotten bigger by now, ya know?
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She's been pregnant for a couple months in the comic.

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oh, now that makes sense, hopefully, should a timeskip happen, that I'll see her with a full grown pregnant belly.
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hay man what do you want to eat?
the souls of slayed Keidran
a bagle
what?! no
two bagles
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See, sometimes it's a good thing god only gave man enough blood to run one head at a time. :)
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Jurassic-ChaosStudent Filmographer
I see you Keith XD
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LostandFoundingHobbyist Digital Artist
He's about to slay some Keidran ass, mAH FREND
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Me: Let them have their "fun time"!

Evil Trace: Ok.

Me: Seriously, that easy?


Me: NO...NONONO...NO...pls.

Evil Trace: Nice.

Me(whispering): That was easy.
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cherrina44Hobbyist General Artist
guess Trace would learn to mess up with that other self and enjoy making it mad by being cuddly and loveable with his new mate♥
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