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If old Trace was aware of what his new self was up to, suggested by Starcat13!
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The best way to punish evil and punish it is to make it suffer through things it hates and can't do a damm thing about it except watch.
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either way she's going down

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"If you can't handle this you may want to turn away for what comes next."

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Ask a skilled mage to transfer the evil Trace to my mind... A day, or maybe even a week if he's very powerful stuck inside of that chaotic mess, and he'll either end himself, beg to be banished, or wants to go back promising to never bother Trace again.

Short version: A few versions of yourself doing random things starting something new at random moments, whilst 95% of these thoughts have nothing to do with what you're doing now. At the moment, it's relatively quiet (medicines) which basically means my mind hardly ever thinks about more than 3 things (again mostly unimportant in every situation) simultaneously when trying to focus at what I'm doing right now. Throw in severe misophonia, and you'll be experiencing about 70% of it.

As evil Trace doesn't know what it's like I bet he'll get insane (it's a miracle I'm not... though maybe cuz this is all I know) pretty soon. I'll give him a few days; however, since he's evil I'll be happy to give him the full load of it *evil laughter intensifies*

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I’d be happy just having evil trace as part of my mind

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Ooooh he gonna smash first! 😂😂

Wait... Starcat13? We have another Starcat running around here? 🤤

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MEEE-OOOW, Nice ”hunting” find there!

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Hmm..... I think he took those instructions the other way

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He didn't hear the sss in slay.

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I told you to slay the keidran, not lay her

I was going to write it, but you come first

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"Please do not lewd the keidran"

Instructions unclear. Lay with Keidran.

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Slay... lay I can see the confusion

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(Some time before Trace loses his memories.)

???:"Gentlemen! A moment of your time..."

Trace:"Who are you and how did you get into the council room!?"

???:"Who I am doesn't matter, what matters is my purpose...You see, I have secrets..."

(A man walks into the room and shocks everybody.)

???:"That plenty of you would love to know..."

Rando:"My King! We thought you dead!"

King:"I was...till this Angel revived me...He seeks only to improve Humanity...To evolve us!"

???:"You see a long time ago I HATED Humans, thought all of you deserved extinction...but now...I realized that you don't deserve deserve Dominance, Power...The Authority over all that exists in every conceivable state of being...I even made a deal with your "God" the douche bag with horns...Don't worry about upsetting him, he can't hear us right now."

Rando:"What sorcery did you conjure to accomplish that?"

???:"Magic is merely a tool. A method left over by some fools who think Humanity NEEDS them when all you need is knowledge...With my Help, Humanity won't need magic, instead they'll be given the power to rewrite reality through mere thoughts, control all to their whim and even resurrect those you've lost."

(The man says as he stares directly at Trace with a wicked smile. Something happens though, something causes the revived King to go berserk and attack one of the guards, feasting on his entrails. The Templars use their magic but to no avail, as if he's immune to it. Eventually King bursts into flames and his corpse burns to ashes.)

Trace:"What did you do to him!?"

???:"I made him better!"

Trace:"You made him a monster!"

???:"YOU'RE ALREADY MONSTERS, I just removed that shackle that lied to you, convincing you that you're 'people' but in reality, There ARE no people...just those filthy animals...and then Humanity...Homo Sapien must become Deimo Sapien!"


???:"Exactly! Where did you think those nightmares come from? I made adjustments to certain Humans that DESERVED better than what my asshole of a father gave you!"

Rando:"What would be the price of such evil?" (Trace turns to him disgusted by his words.)

???:"Blood, also Argent Energy which only Humans can produce but I already have plenty of people for THAT...Albeit I have problems because of a certain Angry guy who's still pissed about me sticking his pet rabbit's head on a pike."

Rando:"The power would be unimaginable-"

Trace:"I can't believe what I'm hearing, you're all OK with this abomination warping us into his IMAGE!?"

???:"Quite the opposite, I'm the mimic here, the form I truly comprise of, is based off H-"


(Trace blinks only to be horrified that the man was in front of him in a literal blink, smiling as if he does not mind this seduction of power failed.)

???:"That's ok...There's plenty of Broken Humans I can use...That's a theme with Humanity...You're all psychos, eventually one will be ok with this...I just need to wait until he's got the authority for everyone else to be ok with it..."

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Bro, you should make your own book.

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Wow, thanks! I honestly thought this was legit gonna get some hate.

wuachaman's avatar

¿Why you would think that?

TheWubbzler's avatar

Cause when I reread my own thing, I felt like there's borderline no context.

I'm glad you like it though.

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I wonder if there'll ever be a comic where Trace and evil Trace meet, I wanna see how they'd but heads.

TheWubbzler's avatar

Dammit, this ruins a theory of mine but I'm ALMOST ok with it.


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