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Erilas Sun Bathing

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#1 June sketch voted for color, suggested by RavenIceFox!

Evals sister Erilas is also seen here.

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Lolin3New Deviant

Wow (stonks for you)

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bobbobenStudent Traditional Artist
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BigCatProwlHobbyist Digital Artist

You'd be crazy to say no her

Omnikrystal's avatar

Or not attracted to women.

SteamyThePunk's avatar

Mike.... Mike, do it... C'mon!!!

timmole1's avatar

wow! (echoes to Infinity)

NewMisterFox's avatar

I have never seen such pupils in dogs. Perhaps Erilas keeps some secrets.

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AmanockProfessional General Artist

Geesh Mike, quit being such a jellyfish. Girl needs some help with her sunscreen... XD

ToaTeku's avatar

Stacy, do you remember when I mowed your lawn? (mowed your lawn)

Your mom came out with just a towel on (towel on)

I could tell she liked me from the way she stared (way she stared)

And the way she said, "you missed a spot over there" (a spot over there)


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The little Keidren sandals are cute!

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HonoredNightHowlerHobbyist Traditional Artist

Holy hot damn! them breasts! I've never seen Evals sister before and my God she's beautiful. Makes me wonder where she was when her little brother was still a slave. Mike better hit that starting with that sunscreen. I'm pretty sure too much sun exposure can still damage her fur.

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She's a non-canon character who first appeared in a sketch where Evals brought her to convince Mike to join him in traveling to his homeland.

Test of Resolve
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HonoredNightHowlerHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh, neat! Thanks for telling me.

Zedoctor12's avatar

Nice pic!....only why does she need sunscreen if she has fur?

Hergman's avatar

because its a porn trope

Justanotherguy708's avatar

Anyone is a furry if the porn is good enough

-Sigmund Freud

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DravynDarkHobbyist General Artist

Imma just say the most obvious thing i can

Evals's Sister is freaking hot...and I'm not surprised that Mike is stunned considering the view he's getting right now; but, then again. For Keidran isn't nudity kinda normal? So maybe his reaction is just shocked enough. Hell i dunno.

poijn23's avatar

well one thing is nuddity and having the tail rise up is whole different thing mate

steelabjur's avatar

Mike was also born and raised in human lands and has more or less a human culture base, it's part of the reason he's not leaving with Evals.

DiawlGwyn's avatar

Evals, reversed- Slave... hm.

Erilas, reversed- Salire, definition, verb: To ride, mount, board.


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Core1948Hobbyist General Artist

Hmmmmmmmmmm indeed. 🧐

MviluUatusun's avatar

I don't blame Mike one little bit for his reaction. I'd probably react the same way in his situation.


Erilas is a bit provocative, don't you think?

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