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Dinner Date Dragon


Nora Card sponsored by MarshallMelon on Patreon!

Reni and Keiren enjoy dinner at a fancy restaurant. Human accommodations are a little cramped for a dragon, unfortunately.

Original sketch suggested by MrEase!

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I got to look up the story behind these two. (fyi: I've never seen these two before)

Reni is a massive cutie and I love her :D

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look at the waiter's face! He's so scared and confused
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Should have gone for an outdoor table.
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I love how delicately she holds that little fork.
DawnFelix's avatar
So, they are finally dating... About time. ... With sex.
risingstar1011's avatar
I see I'm not the only one whose first reaction is "AT LAST!"
loreshaper-kethal's avatar
This is pretty much the same as what would happen if Trace dated Nora.
Tomek1000's avatar
couldynt she just turn her self into anthro after all she is a dragon
DylanSStudios's avatar
Is it just me or does the waiter look like a human version of Lynn?
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Waiter:"So your specials today will be Tuna sandwiches and Bacon fries...gotta recommend the bacon fries."

Chef:"Is that guy on a date with a dragon?"
Waiter:"Yeah, I think his chances of getting laid are slim as shady tho."
Chef:"You don't find the whole thing weird!?"
Waiter:"Dude, I saw a guy fuck a computer and a girl rape a drone...this is natural where I'm from..."
Chef:"...What's a computer?..."
Waiter:"...Ughh...would you believe it's a type of dragon?"
TheWubbzler's avatar
Why the hell aren't they outside?
Kaloswolf's avatar
it might be cold
Alpha568's avatar
I hope that Keiren and Reni will develop a relation ship in the comics, or at least you'll draw more pictures of them together.
zarrock635's avatar

this is so cute

Erblorg's avatar
Oh yeah yeah
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RiftsinCrow's avatar
She really needs to learn the polymorph spell
TiraArts's avatar
I love this.  She is soooo cute!
KeithStrife's avatar
I know, right? I can barely get around in places cause I'm so freakin' big!!!
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