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Bad Red Bad

Sequel to Chimera Meets Red suggested by Lesoral and KatFeathers!
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Forget the paper, let him spend the night in the dog house, literally (all while having to listen to the girls chat it up and have a good time with warm drinks and good food).

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I'm curious, is Chimera a canon character to the webcomic, or just a fun side character?

Sketch-only character, doesn't exist in the comic.

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Shame.... She'd be a great character in the webcomic

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Get a BIGGER newspaper

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“Men! We don’t know

what we did!”

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Red made Flora’s kinda sorta stepdaughter cry, he gonna get the claws!

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Flora should have yelled "Baka!" while hitting Red. Hmmm, maybe Raine will do it.

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that's what you get Red

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honestly if flora didn't do it I would.

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LOL so long as he understands his wrongdoing

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Alright, I give up. What decides whether or not a drawing is free on Patreon?

Try using a browser like brave, or, if you have a good vpn, tor, to break the paywall. Also altering the url of a free patreon can give access to otherwise inaccessible stuff

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Anything that could be seen as suggestive is paywalled there, but mirrored here. Apparently simply not being clothed is too much for Patreon.

The puny Patreon pantheon of go... owners.

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Tom already had his Patreon account suspended once for having the "wrong" content feely available, so I don't blame him for playing it safe when it comes to a major source of income.

Seems to be more directly tied to how badly people wanted it than to nudity or “lewdness” tbh… though the two often go hand-in-hand.

🎵 You ain't nothin' but a hound dog

Lyin' all the time 🎵

[Wap! Wap! Wap! Wap! ]

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