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Archmage Kathrin

#2 Color vote from May sketches, suggested by Coffeefox!

This is a remake of this:

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Looks cool

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I like to imagine this one is her real-life self;

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Kat

and her Archmage form here is the character she plays in D&D lol

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Love her cute belly button!


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I definitely love the update. Keep doing what you're doing!

Avatar: The Last Kindred. :3

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Such great work: this update is awesome!

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This looks EPIC!!!!

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I like blue fire

( starts playing) ALERT: THREAT LEVEL EXTREME.

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Fire and Ice. Very nice.
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I loved it
The colors
The vibe that is passed through
I'm in love haha

wow that looks scary

imagine if you meet her like that

You:"damn, i'm in danger • – •"

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100% wallpaper worthy

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And that's fav 1.2K!
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Very cool work!:)

But, the main question should be, "Do you choose the "Red" magic ball or the "Blue" magic ball? Choose carefully now. For it may be your last."

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That's a Warcraft thing, right? I never understood that....

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Looks very magical, majestic, powerful. The glow that is present throughout the peice is brilliant. The viewer's perspective shows that this person is powerful and should not be messed with. Love the background too.

what drawing programs do you use? this is a serious question.

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Somebody is headed for the hurt locker! Great work. The facial expression wins it.

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