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Alternate Universe Kiss

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Published: February 22, 2020
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In another world, a woman with powerful magic and amnesia awakens in a forest and meets a sweet tiger boy. Genderswapped kiss suggested by Kamonster!

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Can we get a comic of this and if not that, a full color page?
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Blaze53Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know I wanted this until now.
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Is this the scene at the pool where Trace and Flora kissed by moonlight at the pool? The same love, but it does have a different vibe when Trace is the Keidran.

On a side note, I can imagine a story where everyone has been gender-swapped from the start.

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Yes it is but trace the the woman in this
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Flora is the human female, and Trace is the male tiger Keidran.

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Ya sure because the triangle that’s on traces face is on the females face
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Take a look at human Flora’s hair; it has her twin locks sticking up. Flora is a human female taking the place of Trace in the story, while Trace is a male Keidran taking the place of Flora.

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Facts but what about the triangle
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The triangle is part of the human Templar character in this pair; since Flora is now that Templar character, she now has the triangle on her cheek.

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Or it can just be trace as the female and flora as the male that’s what it looks like to me
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Still the same pure love. Gonna be shocking when she gets a kitten
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And here I expected it to still be the tiger leaning in!
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so cute also what is the blue thing on her cheek
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chuckyzoopaHobbyist Digital Artist
Probably the same blue thing Trace has on his cheek.
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chuckyzoopaHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think it's explained in the story, but it might be a Templar mark(?).
The (spoiler) fake- tamplar Sealeen from page 881 has two of them, and I think I've seen some real Templar with them.
Could be a ranking or something like that
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Pretty sure it IS a Templar marking. Assuming it indicates rank, Trace's would be the Grand Templar's mark.

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No one really knows... it's just a marking that's been there from the beginning. Funnily enough, Trace never noticed it was ever even there
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Fact, but Trace had a period of amnesia in between. (Pretty sure he had seen his reflection since then, but explanations include Trace being funny, or annoyed by the question (which wouldn't be like Trace by the way (pretty sure stacking parentheses means there is something wrong in the sentence logic) so there is something wrong in that logic), unless I'm wrong in that logic.)

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Somehow, it made me think that I might like the comic even more like this... :heart:
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