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Twokinds' storylines have branched a lot lately, but the threads will soon be converging! Which are you most interested in currently? 

1,771 deviants said Flora's pregnancy and the fate of her human-born child.
1,704 deviants said Natani's fate regarding his soul-bound brother, Zen.
507 deviants said Trace's past memories and the Templar war vs Wolves.
490 deviants said Forget the drama! Mike turning into a girl again! ("Why?!")
389 deviants said Nora asleep in the cave! (Truely the most exciting plotline!)
365 deviants said Kathrin's internal struggle and her relationship with Eric.
348 deviants said Raine and her Keidran-identity crisis / Group B.
214 deviants said Keith and his merry band of Basitins in a human village.
158 deviants said Other? Please let me know in the comments!

Twokinds Vol 4 Preorder!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2018, 5:22 PM

Twokinds Vol 4 Cover

It took a year longer than intended, but Volume 4 is finally ready for print! This one chronicles the second half of the Basitin Island arc that began in Vol 3, and at 176 full color pages, it's the largest Twokinds book yet! Once again, Keenspot will be handling all the heavy lifting, so orders should be fulfilling swiftly.

A lot of art and speech bubbles inside the book have been updated!

Signed Print

Also available in limited quantities along with preorders is a signed print! Since I don't handle the books themselves, I figured this might be a good compromise to get a signature included this time around. Get them while they last!

Preorders will be taken from now until around July, when they will being shipping out. Thank you to everyone who supports the comic through these books. It means a lot. :)

Basitin Island


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Omnikrystal Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Thanks for the status update, enjoy your trip!
domvazquez Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Dont  you just love it when your favorite character dies? I C E R T A I N L Y D O N T rip laura 
SILVERmanoG Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Great artist Ton, can you draw Keith with Kratos`s outfit from God of War? You can call him Keitros!
Dinoboy1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
damn, I heard about you and your work but I didn't think it was this good!
keththebastin Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2018  New Deviant Student Artist
Love what twokinds is doing keep it up
Guess Maddie is actually competent at spying. Making a floor plan is classic recon. And spotting obnoxious green haired children is now necessary. Traces house is guaranteed  to be weird. Plus Karen is as clueless and thoughtless as ever
freetobe Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
I love that karen’s hair is peeking from behind the curtains on the second panel
Oliono Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Professional Writer
I actually have a hard time conceiving of a more dangerous infiltration scenario than this.

This is Trace Legacy--the omnicidal, hyper-competent murder machine that played a political game to its highest level and destroyed his competition so utterly as to effectively usurp all power in the realm without having to remove anyone but Raine's mother, Mary, from power. The paranoid, possessed, peak of his power madman who seemingly only stopped being in power due to personal choice. Consider Trace was 25 or younger at his ascent to power.

That description should scare the living crap out of you. Consider this, if you accept he was willing to murder lots and lots of people sheerly in spite for the woman he loved, what do you think he's done to protect his magical secrets after she's died? If those secrets include the answer to what happened to Trace--and even more so if he never wanted to return--you can probably guess they're trapped to ensure no one lays their bloody hands on them. Maybe not even Trace.

Maddie. The realization you've had is probably the literal only warning you're going to get. I would not bank on Nora being immune to whatever magics Trace has used to protect his secrets. You are a 15 year old Basitin girl, with impressive skills, yes. Recognize the difference in skill level here, for your sake, before you end up a rug carpet or something equally horrifying.

Further, let's take a moment to contextualize how stupidly powerful Trace is at the peak of his power. At 25 Trace has fully usurped the country's most powerful organization: the Templar. He has deposed all his enemies, and even the royalty of the realm is willing to let Trace essentially dictate policy, up to the point of war. His only real enemy, Mary, is hobbled and essentially broken--to the point he didn't even follow through on seeing her dead. His opposition in his own organization is divided more on seemingly whether to ignore him or bring him back: not kill him--quite possibly because they're not sure they even could. Nora considers him roughly her equal, a dragoness so ancient as to terrify her descendants with the sheer magnitude of her power. Quite possibly the only creatures on the face of the planet able to face Trace in combat would be the proverbial gods of this existence. And that didn't work so well last time.

This isn't, and cannot be, a story about the tangible enemies Trace struggles with.

Here's the kicker. That's not a bad thing.

Actually, I would argue that's a great thing.

Trace's only real foe would be, could be, himself. The things he's done. The people he has hurt. The misery he has caused--the pain and sheer magnitude of the suffering he has inflicted. The reasons why and the things he has sacrificed. And then Trace abandoned his power. Which means he did so probably for a reason; I would bet the reason is this: he couldn't bring her back.

Ya know, having basically grown up following this it's kind of amazing to have seen the growth it has had. And it's kind of amazing how far it has come in a dozen different scopes. I hope you're not done with it any time soon, Tom.
Spex9000 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
This makes me concerned for Maddie considering Tom's willingness to kill Laura.
Oliono Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Professional Writer
See, I don't think that is what would kill Maddie, to be honest. I think her curiosity could put her in a 'I have no mouth but must scream' sort of scenario though where the rest of the cast eventually finds her. Like being turned into a literal rug on the floor that people wander over for hours or days until they realize: oh, $%^& that's Maddie's!

Given we've seen Trace's choice of turning people into chickens for home defense--and that's his outermost perimeter--I hesitate to imagine what his most privately guarded room might contain simply in the realm of defense.

Heck, it might contain no defenses at all--depends on room and its meaning. If its a shrine to his wife we might find nothing at all. A space so important to Trace that even in his madness he didn't dare sully it with something that might have upset her. It really depends on who Trace was, what the room is, and what it contains. Honestly, that one's fully in Tom's court.
QuiIudicant Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  New Deviant
Rose mentioned that it was Nora who set the "turn intruders into barnyard animals" spell on the place.
(1 Reply)
Spex9000 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
She'd be the cutest rug. But that would also make me sad.
wisejesse Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
I guess the burning question would be his memory loss. Did he 
A) Do it to himself on purpose so he could consciously undo it at some point
B) Have it happen accidentally while trying to do something epic
C) Fall victim to outside forces trying to nullify his magic, if not outright kill him
D) All of the above
E) None of the above

When that shoe drops, it's gonna get dangerous for someone. 
Well you have a good question but I think Tom already answered 'Who erased his memories'. If you go to the comic site and look in the characters section. There is a separate character sheet for the past Trace. In that it clearly says,

'However, his memories were stolen from him by Ephemural. Now, he must regain his memories and regain his position of power, before he become too deeply involved in the lives of the pathetic Keidran he is traveling with.'

That statement said Ephemural stole his memories but never said the motive. That is where I think you question should fall into.
Oliono Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Professional Writer
I believe the suggested motive is essentially to prevent Trace from upsetting the balance between the Masks. Which didn't go so hot in their last throw down. And, to be fair, Tom may have conceived any number of alternative explanations and the cast page is just...old. Until we have a moment on paper that really defines those motives for us clearly we're mostly speculating on the facts we have seen: mostly that Trace is obscenely powerful and suffers from amnesia. The why, let alone the underlying motivation for said why, could be anything from the ridiculous (Trace shouldn't do body shots off Nora's colossal thicc-ness) to heartbreaking (a moment of lucidity where he breaks down and realizes he can't ever bring his wife back). Ephemural is probably involved, somehow, but how Tom wants to involve the Masks is pretty open to interpretation.

On that note, I hope Tom doesn't anti-climax us. I've written three odd novels now for publishers, I feel safe to say this: Anti-climaxes are lame. Especially in slow burn formats like comics. I won't name other comics that have done that, but, geez is it disappointing.
(1 Reply)
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