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The Aperture Science''portal gun'' gas mask

Finally done! :D this is the first version. Hope you guy's like! I'm selling the one and only V1 on etsy right now in my shop here ----> [link]


UPDATE*** To answer a lot of questions I've been getting and to prevent further spread of the wrong idea among the internet, this piece DOES NOT function as a filter for gases. None of my masks do. They're for aesthetic purposes only.

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"Every time the wearer sneezes, a Portal shall be cast forth..."
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Do you do commissions because that is one amazing gas mask, why can epic things like this be readily available on the market, oh wait because cool people like you wouldnt have anything to make.
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i do commissions, yes. though i can't promise i'll be remaking this design any time soon unless the right price is put in front of me. If all i did was make the same masks over and over for people you'd never see new designs like this because i wouldn't have any time to make them lol
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Omg this is so amazing :iconiloveyouplz:
Btw I think your kinda cute c: . . . Just sayin ;D
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Staring a gfx channel next month im making aportal video (short film) since i dont have to much money im cant get this but in a years time i will re do it and i want to afford this for that :3
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I am a fan of portal this is impressive.
Oh and to bad the doctor & Chell didn't have one of these.
Nuro-toxin: (not the greatest treat 4 the lungs.)
how much does it cost, and could you put it in ukp, i love it
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it's for sale here --> [link]
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wow. i totally didn't see this comment. my bad
thank you though! i appreciate it :)
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Will it give me the ability to spit portals?
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yup. and live forever
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That's just hardcore. I love it, man! :D
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This is absolutely incredible. I love how you've taken all the familiar aspects of the ASHPD and converted it into something completely new, but still in keeping with the dark feel of the series! I'd love one of these for my GLaDOS cosplay - I took it in the same direction and am making her very much cybergoth/industrial looking to suit her true nature.
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Thank you so much! I love detailed feedback like this :)
I had multiple ideas for a portal themed mask until I saw the portal gun when I was tinkering and went "that's it, that's the design i'm choosing"
I have a waiting list for them if you want one btw.
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reminds me of portal 2 somehow,but its really impressive
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thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :)
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Oh, gosh, this is amazing. I want one like nobody's business.
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