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I love drawing and painting transparent objects. It's not the actual thing that matters, but the way the light is reflected, and the way everything around the object influences and informs it. Light moves around and through it in intricate patterns. It's beautiful and fascinating, even though though materials like glass and metal are hard and unforgiving.
I consider myself an illustrator and designer, not a fine artist. That's not to say I don't have training in fine art, but that I am fascinated instead by the stories my drawings can tell (the materials I choose aside).

If I am a storyteller, is my responsibility to tell my stories or the stories of other people? Much of the artwork I do by commission doesn't feel like mine, but I often wonder if I have a story in me that's strong enough to share.
I'll be at the CT Renaissance Faire Sept 24 - Oct 16 with other talented artists and actors. Join us for the fun!
Art offers freedom. We explore the world around us and the worlds we create. Color, texture and design capture moments and adventures. We can fly, fight, imagine, play and relax.

When I draw I can be anywhere, and I can't imagine doing anything else.