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Name/Username: Provie - twogoblins
Rank: S


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Community Garden
Current Community Prompt: n/a
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Current Point Total: 95

Bank Balance:
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Display Case

Alien Purple by Mothkitten Alien Pink by Mothkitten Gargoyle Statue by Mothkitten Gargoyle Companion by Mothkitten Crab - Christmas by Mothkitten
Purple Alien, Pink Alien, Gargoyle Statue, Gargoyle Companion, Christmas Crab

Buddy Block by MothkittenLucky Mothcat Statue by Mothkitten Dice - Jade by MothkittenStone Abra Statue by Mothkitten OwO Puck by Mothkitten
Buddy Block, Lucky Mothcat Statue, Jade Adventure Dice, Stone Abra Statue, OWO Puck
Plush - Reject Opossum by Mothkitten Plush - Reject Raccoon by Mothkitten
Reject Opossum Plush, Reject Raccoon Plush
Wormy String - Pink by Mothkitten Wormy String - Blue by Mothkitten Wormy String - Purple by Mothkitten Wormy String - Pride by Mothkitten
Pink Wormy String, Blue Wormy String, Yellow Wormy String, Pride Wormy String

BEP4PREZ Button by MothkittenBEP4PREZ Flag by MothkittenBEP4PREZ T-Shirt by MothkittenBEP4PREZ Visor by MothkittenBEP4PREZ Yard Sign by Mothkitten
BEP4PREZ Button, BEP4PREZ Flag, BEP4PREZ T-Shirt, BEP4PREZ Visor, BEP4PREZ Yard Sign

Egg Fairy Tutu by Mothkitten Egg Fairy Tiara by Mothkitten Egg Fairy Wand by Mothkitten Egg Fairy Wings by Mothkitten
Egg Fairy Tutu, Egg Fairy Tiara, Egg Fairy Wand, Egg Fairy Wings
Crown - Pride Prom by Mothkitten
Pride Prom Crown

Extended Inventory

Black Reading Glasses, Scarf - Faded Red, Bow - Harvest, Fake Antlers

Hat - Witch, Mysterious Sea Amulet, Rogue's Earring, Blue Striped Scarf,  Blue Scarf

Black Bow, Lesbian Pride Scarf, Space Cape, Dahliah Flower Crown
Meowcho Marx Glasses by Mothkitten
Team Gerblins Scarf, Crocus Flower Crown, Magenta Scarf, Meowcho Marx Glasses
Flower Crown - Gay Pride by MothkittenTigereye Amulet by Mothkitten Infinity Scarf - Plaid by Mothkitten
Gay Pride Flower Crown, Tigereye Amulet, Plaid Infinity Scarf
CRAFTINGString Light, Sapphire Gemstone, Silver Tablet x2, Magatama Bead, Pile of Sand x11

 Empty Dye Bottle, Green Silk, Pink Fabric, Purple Silk,  Black String, Rock x1

Silver Bell, Green Peacock Feather, Gold Bell x2, White String, Orange Thread
Glass Shard by Mothkitten
Shard of Glass x1
Silver Companion Slot x3, Silver Acornia x2
Child of Dungeon Rat, Albino Mouse, Albino Hedgehog
Ultraviolet Scorpion, Gay Moth, Lesbian Moth, Grass Hedgehog

Candy Snail #5, Pumpk-imp, Axolotl x2, Spidner, Blue Betta Fish

Green Budgie, Hercules Beetle, Glowbug, Blue Ladybug, Hooded Rat
Egg - Eight Leggy by MothkittenEgg - Four Leggy by MothkittenBanana Spider by MothkittenGecko - Blizzard Leopard by Mothkitten
Two Leggy Egg, Eight Leggy Egg, Four Leggy Egg x2, Banana Spider x2, Blizzard Leopard Gecko
Pumpkimp Spice by MothkittenCandy Snail 1 by MothkittenCandy Snail 2 by Mothkitten Candy Snail 3 by Mothkitten Candy Snail 4 by Mothkitten

SALONEssence of Rainbow x1, Marking Primer, Clothing Slot x4

Essence of Enigma x2

Lucky Hammer, Lucky Hammer
Cobweb, Pile of Bones, Elephant Watering Can, Mages Purse, String Light
Phial of Courage's Light, Pink Slime Plushie, Flamingo Float, Ghost Plushie, Red Pool Noodle

Surprise Parade Cupcake - Open, Witch's Broom, Tissues, Egg, Egg Rock x3
Polyhedral Dice - Pastel by MothkittenMessage in a Bottle by MothkittenApple - Green by Mothkitten
Forget-me-nots, Ship in a Bottle, Pastel Polyhedral Dice, Message in a Bottle, Green Apple
Compass by MothkittenWind-Up Egg - Chick by MothkittenEgg Fairy Basket by MothkittenRubber Chicken by MothkittenPlush - Giraffe: Pink by Mothkitten
Compass, Chick Wind-up Egg, Eggy Basket, Rubber Chicken, Pink Giraffe Plush

Current Mothcats To Do List

Do the Heart to Heartnose Quest for Pepper's sheep

Craft Peaches Bow

Sticker Progress Tracker
Good Samaritan (General quest) - 1/5
Opportunist (special quests) - 2/5

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own!

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