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PunchcolorI shared a table with Kyle Burles at the Annual Calgary Horror-Con this past weekend! Although it's a niche convention, I found the attendance and traffic very pleasing as a vendor, despite competition with the Red Deer Expo on the same weekend. On Saturday, Kyle and I were doing sales-- he, VERY much so-- before we'd even finished fully setting up our table. It was amazing! The first two hours were like a buying frenzy. Sunday was a slog, being almost dead for the first three hours with sporadic, intermittent sales. Things didn't really pick up for me until about three in the afternoon.

I like this con because the audience is so targeted, but even within that there is diversity and variations on theme that allow someone like me-- whose inventory includes but is not geared towards horror-- to enjoy sales as well as those more devoted to the genre. For example, one of my top sellers was a shirtless picture of my Mage character, Mr. Punch-- beefcake sells anywhere, I guess! My next best product was the "Krampuspresso" stickers and mugs-- People enjoy parody, and feeling subversive, I think.

While I wouldn't get my own table at this con, sharing one with Kyle makes it fun, attracts "sideshow" sales from his more genre-specific stuff and allows me to defray costs enough to create a decent profit. It is a smaller con than anything with "expo" in its name, but the audience is loyal, and strong.

4421_89862bThis weekend, a family bought Twilight Detective Agency to read. And their seven year old boy DEVOURED it. I was told he was entranced, that he and his Dad read the comic together (and he read some to his Dad, and vice-versa) and he took the comic and put it in his special spot for his treasures afterwards. Man, you cannot buy a feeling like that. A seven-year-old just gave me the highest praise you can pretty much get from a kid who reads. Many thanks to Deanna Chalack Jones for this amazing story.

Keep an eye out this week for a smashing reveal of new comics!

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