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calgaryredandwhiteSo you remember how I was saying I have two shows back-to-back in September?  Well, now there's THREE.

I will be exhibiting at the Calgary Red & White Expo this weekend on Sunday, September 11th.  Details are on the website at… !

It's a one-day-only show, smaller and more intimate than the other Expo-type shows I exhibit at, but the great thing is that gives me more time to connect with fans and the fans, more time to browse without feeling hurried or rushed or intimidated by crowds.  It's a real feel-good atmosphere for everyone and I always love being at this show!

I'm launching some new items this month, including copies of Gloaming #2, and a special convention edition of Spectrum #1!

Other new merchandise at the con will include:  Krampuspresso buttons, and a new corporate-logo button:  GARBUCKS.  That's right, Gargoyles have taken over your local Starbucks and re-branded it.  If you like green apron coffee and supernatural creatures, you've simply got to stop by the Two Gargoyles table at the Expo.

And hey, remember your ABC's-- you know my Superhero Groins and Superheroine Boobs posters?  Well now, I've made a deck of playing cards-- that's right, playing cards-- all 52 guy and gal parts now adorn a deck you can play with!  

Also, don't forget there will be scads of poster prints available as well as stickers and magnets!  Come on down and see-- doors open at 10 a.m. and the show runs til 5!

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Hey, Gargeteers!

Are you ready for September?  Back to School, a flurry of activity--and no less so for Two Gargoyles, as we will be at TWO shows, back-to-back, in September!

Saskatoon Expo logo

Firstly, on September 17-18, Kyle Burles and I will both be at Saskatoon Expo for the very first time!  It's always exciting to try a new show, meet new people, and exhibit our work for a new audience!  Looking forward to seeing what Saskatoon has to offer!  Look for Two Gargoyles at Table 1215 in Artist's Alley!

Edmonton Expo logo

Then, the very next weekend, Jeremy Thew joins me at my table for Edmonton Expo!  Our friends KyleLisaMike and Sara are all heading up to Artist's Alley -- Two Gargoyles will be at table F10!  Our friends are all a bit spread out this year, but that means you get to have more fun exploring the Alley to find them all!

September promises to be a very exciting month with these two shows so close to one another; it may be tiring but it definitely promises to be exciting as well!  And with two fabulous opportunities such as these, I sure hope to see you in September!


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jodysgarageExciting news!  Gloaming Issue 2 is now available for digital download from the good folks at!  Simply click on this link to be taken to the download page, where you can read the ENTIRE second issue all at once!

The print version is also available for purchase, for those of you that like the crisp feel of a physical comic book in your hands and the heady smell of printer's ink in your nostrils!

As always, I will continue to publish one page a week for FREE on our website, every Monday!  Read at your own pace-- or BINGE READ the entire thing from Indyplanet!



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lilthunderconstructExciting news from the office of Two Gargoyles!

Thanks to your support, I'm working on a new webcomic series to debut soon here on the website.  The working title is "Lil' Wings Playschool," and it's meant to be an all-ages accessible comic for the whole family.

One of the things I enjoy most about being a writer is the ability to dip into different genres; to be able to write horror, parody, superheroes, slice-of-life as well as family fare.  I guess you could say I adore versatility, and am always striving to challenge myself to ensure I can maintain that!

Two Gargoyles will be attending Pride-Con in Anaheim on the weekend of July 29th; I'll be debuting Spectrum #1, our LGBT superhero comic there.  I'm very excited about it!  It will also be the convention debut of Gloaming #2, thanks to some last-minute printing miracles by the good folks at Ka-Blam.

PrideconH-RGB-300x101As I said, I love writing many and varied genres of story; but in order to make them into comics, I need to hire artists and that takes funding-- which is where you, my generous fans, come in.

Thanks to Patreon, I'm able to offer you the opportunity to subsidize independent creativity in comics by helping me get my creations out to you, the readers.  $1.00 a month is enough to get you "behind the curtain" to see all the upcoming events before they're published on the site, and larger donations earn you rewards!  But the biggest reward of all is knowing that you're directly feeding the independent creative market-- helping the little guy.

The Two Gargoyles Patreon is available at . Please take a moment to donate, and share the news with friends.  Even friends that don't normally read comics might enjoy reading something non-mainstream, something that concerns itself with storytelling more than, say, toy sales.

And don't forget-- there are new comic pages every week on -- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!

In gratitude,


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Gloaming02Cover"Hello, and welcome to Gloaming.  A nice place to visit..."

Those were the words prefacing the very first issue of Gloaming, written by myself in tandem with Kyle Burles, with art by Kyle.  We are both very pleased to announce that Gloaming #2 has been sent off to the printers, but will debut first on, and update one page per week.  Once issue #2 is available for sale on, I will make an announcement so you don't have to wait to read the story!

Gloaming is a foray into the horror of a small town; although there may be supernatural goings-on, it's always been my opinion that there's never anything more complicated, devious, or frightening than people.

If you enjoyed Gloaming #1, buckle up-- the ride's about to get bumpy.


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PunchcolorI shared a table with Kyle Burles at the Annual Calgary Horror-Con this past weekend! Although it's a niche convention, I found the attendance and traffic very pleasing as a vendor, despite competition with the Red Deer Expo on the same weekend. On Saturday, Kyle and I were doing sales-- he, VERY much so-- before we'd even finished fully setting up our table. It was amazing! The first two hours were like a buying frenzy. Sunday was a slog, being almost dead for the first three hours with sporadic, intermittent sales. Things didn't really pick up for me until about three in the afternoon.

I like this con because the audience is so targeted, but even within that there is diversity and variations on theme that allow someone like me-- whose inventory includes but is not geared towards horror-- to enjoy sales as well as those more devoted to the genre. For example, one of my top sellers was a shirtless picture of my Mage character, Mr. Punch-- beefcake sells anywhere, I guess! My next best product was the "Krampuspresso" stickers and mugs-- People enjoy parody, and feeling subversive, I think.

While I wouldn't get my own table at this con, sharing one with Kyle makes it fun, attracts "sideshow" sales from his more genre-specific stuff and allows me to defray costs enough to create a decent profit. It is a smaller con than anything with "expo" in its name, but the audience is loyal, and strong.

4421_89862bThis weekend, a family bought Twilight Detective Agency to read. And their seven year old boy DEVOURED it. I was told he was entranced, that he and his Dad read the comic together (and he read some to his Dad, and vice-versa) and he took the comic and put it in his special spot for his treasures afterwards. Man, you cannot buy a feeling like that. A seven-year-old just gave me the highest praise you can pretty much get from a kid who reads. Many thanks to Deanna Chalack Jones for this amazing story.

Keep an eye out this week for a smashing reveal of new comics!

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TDA01FrontCoverTo say that Calgary Expo was a success would be an understatement.  Two Gargoyles Comics broke its previous year's sales record, and the comics and art were well-received.

Standing out amongst the books was Twilight Detective Agency #1, still going strong as our top seller.  Haven't read it yet?  You can order it here, for print or download!

Jeremy Thew's art prints were a hit; he had such luminous images as Rogue, Wonder Woman, and the White Queen on offer.  I'm encouraging him to set up his own site so they can be made available outside of conventions-- stay tuned for more on that!  He was also sketching like a madman at the table, coming up with ideas for future cons so stay tuned!

The Thunder Graphic Novel tied neck-and-neck with Diaperman for sales; I'm thinking now that there needs to be a convention special crossover comic!  The Titan vs. the Toddler!  Because YOU demanded it!  Okay, you didn't, but you were sooooooo thinking about it.  Admit it.  Just admit it.

jenniemugIn terms of merch, much was made of the Krampuspresso Mugs, as modeled here by Jennie, a very satisfied customer (and coffee connoisseur)!

Shout-outs to Ningen Headwear, Crafty Geeks, and the talented Lucas and Carol-Anne of Hermit Sherpa for being great convention people, table neighbours (the former) and awesome drop-by friends (the latter).

Thanks also to the amazing con staff at the Calgary Expo!  They continue to bring their "A" game every year.  This expo is a "must attend" every year if you are at all interested in anything pop culture oriented!

Now comes the rest, planning, and brainstorming for next year-- but within 30 days I'll have a table at the Panel One Creator's Festival, here in Calgary, and as it's the first year for such an awesome creator-driven, creator-focussed one-day festival I'm really looking forward to being blown away.  The event has a Facebook page here if you want more awesome details!

Oh, and didn't I mention that it's THUNDER THURSDAY??  Issue 3 of Thunder is now completely posted online, you can now read the entire first three issues for free here on the site!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend if you weren't at the Expo, because if you were, then I already know you DID!


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That's right-- Twogargs now has a Patreon!

Hi Folks! My name is Michael McAdam, and I'm a writer.  I love comics, and I have been writing them and publishing them on my site, Two Gargoyles Comics, ( for years. 

I believe in the diversity and creativity of the independent creator:  I have created comics like Thunder, a half-Norse, half-Canadian superhero; Gloaming, a horror series about a small town with too many secrets; Twilight Detective Agency, a stone-faced gothicomedy about two gargoyles trying to be detectives without being discovered as being inhuman; and Diaperman, a zany comedic parody of the superhero genre itself.

All of these titles are fun to write, but aren't sustainable without your help!  By becoming my patron, you will be the one to help these projects continue; fund and shape new content, and contribute to the indie art scene in a very real, tangible way.

Supporters will get first-view opportunities of upcoming projects, access to private content, and more!

With your support, I can continue generating content using artists across genres, increasing the talent pool of independent, self-employed artists, introducing new talents to the community and creating fresh, creative content.  With your support, independent talent can have a stronger voice, creatively.

This Patreon will fund the generation of new content every month on the Two Gargoyles Comics site, free of charge for viewing, and when there is enough for a comic-sized book, it will be gathered all together and made available for print or digital download sales.

So please-- support our community, support independent comics, support what you want to see by becoming a Patron!

In Gratitude,
Michael McAdam
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Screenshot 2016-03-29 20.14.56Josh Rimer's "Sassy Sunday" featured me, Michael McAdam, at the Kelowna Fan Expo, selling my wares, but most notably the SUPER GROINS!  Check out the video here:  (It starts at my interview)

Also, if you're interested in SuperGroin or SuperBoob merchandise, please go to my SHOP page and check it out-- I will be updating the page this week to make it more navigable and show more stuff!  Click on any link to take you to my RedBubble shop, where clicking on "Available Products" will show you a wider variety of products!


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SITE HIJACKED-- I think.  Found out today that the domain points to a Domain Registrar in CHINA, as opposed to my hosting service here in North America.  Which may explain why I have been repeatedly getting errors trying to get to my own site.  Never fear though -- things are underway to get the site back to Canada where it belongs!
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Getting all packed up for tomorrow's one-day Red & White Expo at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.  And I'm pleased to announce Two Gargoyles will be launching seven new prints, from a new project yet to be announced-- new convention season means new products, I'm happy to say!

Allow me to introduce you to The Black Whip, from the pages of Diaperman!  You don't want to be a problem for her, because when a problem comes along...!

Come on down to the Red & White Expo tomorrow to see what other prints I'll be unveiling!

Also, there'll be issues of Twilight Detective Agency and Gloaming for sale, as well as the Diaperman Graphic Novel, and only at a convention can you get your comics signed by one of the creators!  (Hey-- they'll be worth something SOME day...)

You will also be able to purchase our fantastic "Garg Tract", A Litany of Vice!  We encourage you to buy in bulk so you can leave a copy everywhere. :)

Post-convention, I will make a print gallery on the site so you can see what we've got available!

2016 is going to be very exciting, especially with your help!  Two Gargoyles is looking forward to creating more this year, getting to more shows, having a stronger presence, and getting the comics done and out there!  So I'll be launching a Patreon very soon, and it sure would help if you could tell all your friends about it so that when it launches, it launches BIG.

Onwards and upwards!

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I found the perfect thing to drink while I #BingeWatchYJ on Netflix! #RenewYoungJusticeI found the perfect thing to drink while I #BingeWatchYJ on Netflix! #RenewYoungJustice

I'm taking off my Writer/Publisher of Two Gargoyles hat to talk about something very dear to me:  A cartoon called Young Justice.  It's available now, on Netflix.  Apparently, NOW IS THE TIME to watch it, and KEEP watching it, in fact- -BINGE watch it.  That is how the Powers That Be track popularity.  Buying DVD's is great, but it only counts as "one sale", one blip on the grand screen of "look, this makes money, we should make more of it."

However, watching #YoungJustice on #Netflix -- constantly, for as long as possible-- tells the movers and shakers that WE WANT MORE OF THIS.

Christopher Jones, the artist on the #YoungJustice comic, posted ^^THIS picture recently, and it got me thinking:  Asking people to binge watch YJ is great, but we need to make it FUN, something to join in on.  So I asked Chris if he still had the Reach Bottle Logo.  He did not.  So with Mike Rieger's sorcery and my wordy formatting, we created our OWN Reach Bottle Logo-- for YOU.

Oh hang on.  We only just gettin' this train heated up-- ain't even left the STATION yet.

Of COURSE we want  you to slam Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Telegram, EVERY social media with the hashtags #RenewYoungJustice and #KeepBingingYJ.  But why not make it fun?  So let's all join in!

We have made a downloadable, printable sheet of Reach soft drink labels in .pdf format, that you can print at home and cut out and then tape onto a bottle of an appropriately-colored energy drink (the labels are specifically designed to fit around Glaceau's Vitamin Water, but whatever you can make work!


We have a downloadable square template in transparent .png format.  Those of you with the know-how can take a picture holding your REACH bottle, and overlay the template on top of it-- PERFECT for adding to Instagram!!Remember to hashtag your pictures with #RenewYoungJustice and #KeepBingingYJ and most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD.  Reach out, as the Reach does, to be friends with the world!


Become a citizen of the milky way
By holding out your hand
Grab the taste that’ll make your day
When sippin’ you’ll understand

Our friends have come from far beyond
To help us, and to teach
Quench your thirst while we all bond
Don’t wait- reach for a Reach!

Yeah, in Strawberry Mango or in Peach!

Reach for a Reach!

From LexCorp— and the Reach!*

*Reach jingle ©DC Entertainment

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Hey, Gargeteers!  I'm really excited to tell you guys about our new CAST feature here at Two Gargoyles!

Up on the top nav bar (see image example below), you should see a new link that reads "CAST."


If you click on it, it will take you directly to our CAST page where every one of our characters is described for you, complete with headshot and mini-bio!


BUT THERE'S MORE!  Any time you're reading any of our comics online, right underneath the graphic are the headshots of that comic page's characters-- simply mouse over any one of them to have their mini-bio pop-up!  Never forget the names of the characters again, MOM.  (Those of you who have moms know damn well what I'm talking about.  You feel me.)


Huge thanks to Mike Rieger, the "under the hood" webjockey here at Two Gargoyles.  He set up all the back end and cropped countless headshots. All biography dialogue was written by yours truly.

Enjoy-- and please, invite your friends to subscribe to by clicking the RSS link on the bottom right of the page! (or the one I just gave you.  That one will do nicely, too.)

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Two Gargoyles is pleased to present the return and first free digital publication of THUNDER, our Canadian Superhero.

In anticipation of the release of THUNDER #5 at the Calgary Expo a the end of April, I would like to make a very special announcement regarding THUNDER.  As of this post, you may now enjoy all of Issue #1 for free on the Twogargs site-- Just go to and enjoy!

New THUNDER stories and pages will be posted every Thursday leading up to the convention.  If you've read the book already, please enjoy refreshing your memory with a re-read.  If you're new to the book, please share it with your friends!



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VicewriterHey, do you Gargs know what a Chick Tract is?  They're little paper pamphlets made (in)famous by Jack T. Chick, an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian publisher, writer, and comic book artist.  They are "equal parts hate literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonizing," according to Robert Ito.

Which means they are AWESOME.

Chick Tracts are so infamously bad-- so one-sided and crazy in their dialogue, and so unabashedly simple in their artwork-- "good" people are handsome and well-kept, "evil" or "misled" people are ugly and disheveled, for instance-- that one can't help but enjoy them as utter, unabashed propaganda pieces.

Naturally, as an Indie Comics guy, it's only natural that I would want to subvert this format for the joy and pleasure of promoting independent comics!  Namely, the Two Gargoyles line!  

Thanks to Mike Rieger's art and technical expertise, Two Gargoyles has now produced its very own "Garg Tract"-- A Litany of Vice.  I'm preparing to mass-produce them for promotional purposes.  Want one?  Watch this space, and I'll tell you how to get one of your very own!

Excitedly yours,


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Thunder sketches by G. Gerald GarciaThunder sketches by G. Gerald Garcia © Two Gargoyles Comics

Calgary Artist G. Gerald Garcia did some sketches of my hero, THUNDER, yesterday and reminded me that it was high time to talk about what's been happening with the book here at Two Gargoyles Comics.

It's always fascinating to me how life can imitate art.  Thunder, my half-Norse God, half-Canadian, Super Polite hero, is the star of a comic about a young man seeking identity in a tale reflecting the Hero's Journey of mythology:  seeking realization of potential via the journey to maturity.  

So, too, does the process of creating the comic mimic that journey.  Thunder has more issues published than any other Twogargs comic:  Four to date, with a fifth one more than half completed as of this writing!  And yet, after the fourth issue there came a pause, a crossroads in the creative process.  

The artist left the project, creating the need for change in the book going forward (and I'm excited about the direction in which it's going, which I will share in another post!) but also leaving me with a decision to make looking backward:  I always said after the fourth issue of Thunder I was going to collect those first four comics into one graphic novel, as a one-stop jumping-on point for those readers who wanted to have one big story arc all at once.  Unfortunately, with the departure of the original artist came certain changes that needed to be made.  So the decision was this:  Pick apart the story or completely refresh it?  I chose the latter: Why not have something fresh for existing Thunder fans to enjoy, as well as new readers?

Thus I began to search for new artists to deliver the Graphic Novel's art even as the new artist began work on the newest issue of the comic.  

Thunder by G. Gerald Garcia © Two Gargoyles ComicsThunder by G. Gerald Garcia © Two Gargoyles Comics

But, like the Hero journeying through the Forest, I encountered obstacles.  I found an artist who began to draw the first book with fresh eyes, and then suddenly his job and work-life balance changed, which meant he could no longer devote any time to the book.  After finally realizing that (because I think we Indie comics people bend over backwards in the vain hope that maybe things are still possible even when we know darn well they aren't) it wasn't going to work out, I went with another artist.  

This artist had life troubles from the get-go-- not his fault, of course!  Life Happens!  But one can only say "it's nobody's fault" for so long before one realizes that isn't the issue; the issue is there's been no work done on one's project for a number of weeks.  And so, it came time to say goodbye to that relationship as well.

As of this writing, I have found another partner with the help of a Facebook group connecting writers and artists, and it seems as if Thunder can finally move forward into realizing that fresh, new Graphic Novel!

There'll be refreshed art, new characters, slight changes to the story; it will still be the Thunder you're used to but with a spiffy new shine to him. 

I've been silent on this topic for so long, it is a great relief to finally share with my readers that YES, that Canadian super-hero you were getting to know is coming back in a BIG way.   Watch this space as I continue this Hero's Journey with all of you.

Onward and Upward,

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RivcoffeeHi, Gargeteers!

The site has been refreshed, retooled and updated!  Now you can see the latest pages of posted comics, including a snazzy thumbnail of the page; navigate instantly to any page of any uploaded comic series!  Just use the drop-down menu on the right side of the page under "Comics," and select the series you want; then on the following page, select "Jump To" to go to any part of the comic!

The menubar has been updated with the all-new, all-important SHOP option-- now Two Gargoyles merchandise is just one "gimme dat!" button away-- and with Christmas coming, fun comic booky stuff is available just in time for the special someone in your life-- even if it's you!

All of this is made possible by the talents of Mike Rieger of!  Major thanks for going "under the hood" and making things work!  Mike also made the sexy, snazzy new slider graphics at the top of the home page that talk about our comics!


You may have noticed that there's now an update schedule at Twogargs! Every Monday there will be a new page of Gloaming, every Wednesday there will be a new page of Twilight Detective Agency, and every Saturday there will be a new page of Diaperman!  This will allow our fans to stay current and have their memories refreshed for our stories, as well as inviting new readers to get to know our comics and characters.  Please, do spread the word and invite your friends to come to for FREE comics!

Occasionally we will have a "Sunday FUNday" comic, our own Twogargs-related webseries "In The Wings," a series of behind-the-scenes gags about our characters' lives when they're not actually "in character" in their own comics.  The newest one is up today!

I hope you're all having a great weekend-- and happy American Thanksgiving to our friends south of the 49th parallel!

Warm wishes,


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Hey Gargeteers!


Had a fantastic weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta with Kyle Burles at the Lethbridge Expo!

It was a great time with a fantastic venue-- the Enmax Centre is an entire arena, with a great layout and lots of room to expand.  It was very cool to have the artist alley on the upper level overlooking the convention floor; it gave me the sense of knowing where everything was and being able to see the entire Expo all at once.  Too, being right near the entrance doors is a huge bonus for traffic!

I'd like to see this convention grow.  If you're in Alberta, it's totally within driving distance-- and that works for BC, Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho and Washington, as well!  Check out and come give it a try next year!

Lethbridge Expo at the Enmax CentreLethbridge Expo at the Enmax Centre


You may already have seen pages from current comics updating on the site now-- that's right.  Two Gargoyles now updates THREE TIMES A WEEK -- a new page of our horror comic Gloaming on Mondays, Twilight Detective Agency on Wednesdays, and Diaperman on Fridays.  It's important to me that those of you who read this blog get to know the comics I write and get a chance to read 'em!  The hope, of course, is that you enjoy them so much you support them by purchasing what you like!

As a special treat, I'm uploading the VERY FIRST Twilight Detective Agency story, what we call "TDA #0," which is the very first case our loveable gargoyles, Riverdale and Hawkstone, solve together.  Back when we first created TDA, it was a webcomic-- the format is different and the character designs are very early concepts of the duo; art by Mike Rieger (who very much wishes you to understand that this is very old art and to not judge him for it. :) )



Look for the site to have an update to its look and feel soon; thanks to the tender loving webcare of Mike Rieger, Two Gargoyles will have greater functionality, navigation and exciting new opportunities to get cool stuff!

What's happening with Thunder?  Short answer: Fantastic things.  Thunder issue #5 is over half done, with the talented Myk Emmshin at the helm; amazing colouring by Levy Ramirez are giving the book a very polished, amazing feel.

But wait, there's more-- Thunder issues 1-4 are going to be gathered up into the very first THUNDER GRAPHIC NOVEL-- with ALL NEW ART.  Yes, that's right.  All 96 pages of art are going to be refreshed and made new!  In 2016 Two Gargoyles will be looking into Kickstarter or Patreon crowdfunding options to make that dream a reality, so if you're a Twogargs fan, spread the word, bring people to the site and let them get to know our work!

In the meantime, please enjoy our new update schedule and look forward to the new things coming to you from Two Gargoyles Comics!

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Thunder says: "Happy Thanksgiving!"  Watch this space for an upcoming special announcement about our favourite half-Norse God, half-Canadian superhero!


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Diaperman by Derek Mah

Hi Folks-- it's the middle of the week here at Two Gargoyles, and some housekeeping is in order!  

Firstly, although I've set the Diaperman Graphic Novel to post one page a day on the Comics Archive page, glitches happen-- and I realized it had skipped a couple of days (maybe it was tired?).  Thus, today there are THREE new pages posted of your favourite diapered superhero (And really, if you know of any other diapered superhero currently in existence, I would be very surprised).  However, if you're tired of waiting and want to see the entire graphic novel in its entirety (including artwork and covers not included in the daily posts) it's available (digitally and in print) via the good folks at Indyplanet!

Secondly, I've ordered some new items from our Redbubble store-- apparently the Superboobs and Supergroins continue to be popular.  Due to demand, I've started experimenting with Superboob T-shirts-- notably, Wonder Woman (see and follow our Instagram for photo).  Man or woman, puff out your chest proudly with super-pride!  Now, the t-shirts are currently only available through Vistaprint and are special-order items.  I'm looking into finding a good quality vendor online where you can order your own, but until I do you'll have to email me for an order (use the Contact Us page).  

Garg Magnets, Set 1
Garg Magnets, Set 1

Thirdly, if you've seen the Two Gargoyles table at conventions, you'll know that we do Gargoyles Magnets-- if you haven't seen them, they're available on our Etsy Store, there are two series of magnets available!  

Finally, you may have noticed an absence of THUNDER on Two Gargoyles lately, and at conventions.  Expect news about our half-Norse, half-Canadian, Super-Polite superhero later this week!

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