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Spent my last dollars on falafel
and hair dye
and woke up one sunny Sunday
a different person

My eyes still opened
my skin didn’t sublimate
to strut scales
and my thoughts roamed the same
incongruous gray landscape

I just counted dots on the ceiling
with a new hue and l o o s e n e d

The ladybug navigated out
of an asparagus labyrinth
and to my scalp
(less complement,
more harmony)
and aided the pigment revolution

Same sized pupils heard the c’s and g’s
without lamenting simplicity
70-degree hibernating trees were all
visions, dancing dandelions befriending
the hovering spot and realizing
roses can be sane

Which is good
because permanent means
I can’t go back
to brown
Another poem from my class. I'd love comments!
uhohhotdog Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
the words are wonderful, you formed them into a playful little piece, i don't quite see what you're trying to say. i think i see someone who is, at the core the very same person as before no matter the influence of different surroundings. ?
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June 20, 2007
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