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I sucked a spider
into a shop vac last week.
It wasn’t intentionally malicious,
accidentally so, I tell myself.
He popped out of his crevice to inquire about the noise.
I had little time to decide
if I wanted to assault him
like that, with no provocation.
I imagined him swirling
in little spirals down the black tube
into an alien universe that smelled of mildew
and being pulled into the belly of the red beast,
the inescapable black hole of his existence,
which I think must have a constant twister
of debris, subjugating bits of dust and hapless spiders
to its unknowable will.
I pondered this detachedly, but he
must blame
me for sucking him up or
himself for jumping in my path or
fate for guiding the vacuum to his web.
As I moved to the next room
with other dirty windowsills and insects
unidentified, I couldn’t wash
a crawling feeling from my hands.
A poem I wrote for class last semester. Only revised once and just a little, so I'd love suggestions. Especially about the ending...I'm not too sure about that.
uhohhotdog Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Hobbyist Writer's was really cool seeing you the other day. hope we can do it again sometime soon. about the poem: i like it. you turned a relatively simple act into a psychologically twisting event. the end was good. it left me with the sense that even the most ordinary of observations can leave us with the oddest of feelings.
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June 20, 2007
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