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Spooky streetlight by twofuzzysumos Spooky streetlight :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 1 0 Books to protect me by twofuzzysumos Books to protect me :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 0 Oily texture by twofuzzysumos Oily texture :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 0 Smoking silhouette by twofuzzysumos Smoking silhouette :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 1 1 Dance or leave by twofuzzysumos Dance or leave :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 0
Color theory
Spent my last dollars on falafel
and hair dye
and woke up one sunny Sunday
a different person
My eyes still opened
my skin didn’t sublimate
to strut scales
and my thoughts roamed the same
incongruous gray landscape
I just counted dots on the ceiling
with a new hue and l o o s e n e d
The ladybug navigated out
of an asparagus labyrinth
and to my scalp
(less complement,
more harmony)
and aided the pigment revolution
Same sized pupils heard the c’s and g’s
without lamenting simplicity
70-degree hibernating trees were all
visions, dancing dandelions befriending
the hovering spot and realizing
roses can be sane
Which is good
because permanent means
I can’t go back
to brown
:icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 1
Blame potato
I sucked a spider
into a shop vac last week.
It wasn’t intentionally malicious,
accidentally so, I tell myself.
He popped out of his crevice to inquire about the noise.
I had little time to decide
if I wanted to assault him
like that, with no provocation.
I imagined him swirling
in little spirals down the black tube
into an alien universe that smelled of mildew
and being pulled into the belly of the red beast,
the inescapable black hole of his existence,
which I think must have a constant twister
of debris, subjugating bits of dust and hapless spiders
to its unknowable will.
I pondered this detachedly, but he
must blame
me for sucking him up or
himself for jumping in my path or
fate for guiding the vacuum to his web.
As I moved to the next room
with other dirty windowsills and insects
unidentified, I couldn’t wash
a crawling feeling from my hands.
:icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 1
I'm just like that old woman
Her gray hair thrashing her face in the storm
Of a silky black, sadistic night
As she walks along the stark, dotted yellow line
Of the frozen two-lane highway
Exposed in a thin hospital gown
Looking for herself anywhere but where she has been
When I curl my cold fingers around the wheel
To navigate my way 'home'
Past a blur of blinking, indecisive stoplights
Alone save Simon & Garfunkel
Suggesting that they will ease my mind if I allow
Too preoccupied with the journey to wonder where
I've gone
Looking for myself anywhere but where I am-
We're both tired of traveling aimlessly
And it's getting late   
:icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 2
Jump for joy by twofuzzysumos Jump for joy :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 1 Wood by twofuzzysumos Wood :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 1 1 Creeping by twofuzzysumos Creeping :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 1 Hold my hand by twofuzzysumos Hold my hand :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 1 0 Descent to peace by twofuzzysumos Descent to peace :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 1 Christmas in autumn by twofuzzysumos Christmas in autumn :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 2 Hazy morning by twofuzzysumos Hazy morning :icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 6 3
The poem on the bathroom stall says
"This is your life."
And I think to myself how nice
it is to find a bathroom with such interesting graffiti.
How nice!
Because it's something I would think to write.
I read on to find the usual politics
and a heart encircled "Cliché"—
same in their authors' wit.
I try to know and become each of them.
And I think to myself how sad
that I've published that same thought
a dozen times over and over
and over people's heads,
I thought.
A modern day Cassandra, I thought.
I see with sudden clarity
a line of radical, street-side preachers
throwing ourselves out there, handwritten,
on half sheets
of the same crisp, white paper.
:icontwofuzzysumos:twofuzzysumos 0 2


Stare Case by Strahan-Bad Stare Case :iconstrahan-bad:Strahan-Bad 1 1 Life of a house IV by Alquimia Life of a house IV :iconalquimia:Alquimia 3 2 Sun Set Key West by Curim Sun Set Key West :iconcurim:Curim 5 2 CA by ShePretends CA :iconshepretends:ShePretends 3 4 Midnight Drive One by Peu307 Midnight Drive One :iconpeu307:Peu307 6 3



United States
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Wow. That's just all there is to say. I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to think. It's not going to get better. I need to clean my room because we have company over tomorrow, and is 2 am right now. But, despite all that, life is good. I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time. Yay for that, it's all that's holding me together right now.
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mitsubishiman Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
In the event you percieve this message, time to return to the world that never sleeps.
NellyNINJA Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009  Student Photographer
I just wanted to let you know:


I used a piece of yours, I credited ALL to you, except for my photo-manipulation.

Thank you. :heart:

You have brilliant photgraphy skills, btw. [:
spiderfield Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2006   Interface Designer
Peter Lammers showed me your site, and i really love your photography. Love the strong lines verticals/horizontals and low toned colors.
SpaceWhale Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
All the other kids are updating. Why aren't you? ;)
hellokelsey Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006   Photographer
You are my photographer hero.
uhohhotdog Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
i'm glad you liked the poem. most of it was inspired by you and your vision/hopes for the future. it makes me optimistic. so..thank you! love you!
crrimson Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2005
Thank you :). It's great to see someone on here from CR, it's always cool to look at photos and recognize places, and see them from someone elses point of view.
Alquimia Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005  Student
AwWwWwwWWWw! Thanks for the fav! ^^ :heart:
Greenboy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2005
Thanks for the fav :)
MarmyVonSassback Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
Your pictures of C-Rapids are some of my favorite overall deviations I've seen! Of course, that may be biased, since I went to Coe, and love it there. But especially your pictures of the bridge; I have some similar ones I took in photo class in college of the same bridge.
Very nice collection overall. And your Images of CR make me long for the sweet, sweet scent of Quaker Oats' Wednesday morning Fecalberry Crunch. Ah, the good old days of yore.

Daniel P.

...I need to use the word 'yore' more in my everyday vernacular.

the end.
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